Galicia-based Spanish mul tinational clothing company Inditex and Geneva-based IndustriALL Global Union, which represents 50 mn workers in more than 140 countries working in mining, energy and manufacturing sectors, recently celebrated the tenth anniversary of their global framework agreement to protect labour conditions across the former’s supply chain.

During an event to mark the anniversary at the Madrid head office of the Economic and Social Council, Inditex CEO Pablo Isla IndustriALL General Secretary Valter Sánches reviewed the key progress made under the joint initiative started in 2007. The collaboration between the two dates back to 2002, according to a report.

The 1,800 suppliers and 7,000 factories in the Inditex supply chain not only apply the agreement’s code of conduct to all their production but also participate in the joint initiatives carried out under the scope of the agreement, despite not supplying exclusively to Inditex. Nearly 1.5 mn workers have seen their labour conditions protected and strengthened because of this. The focus is on promoting the right to union access in a healthy workplace, the right to organise, decent working conditions, and addressing women’s empowerment issues