Month: February 2017

Where’s the bottleneck? Critical Path Method will tell you!

Any process or project can be defined as a set or series of activities that need to be carried out in order to complete that process. These activities have dependences, based on which a network of activities can be made. The longest path in duration, amongst the paths in the network, from start to end of the process, is known as the Critical Path, and the activities that make up the critical path are known as critical...

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Saving fabric and enhancing profit made easy

In the era of cut-throat competition, all the organisations are struggling to survive without the red marks on their ledgers. Every fabric house as on date is working towards a system where they can have complete control of the fabric, enabling reduction in the fabric purchases per order delivered, and in turn saving money from the beginning of the process. Especially, the wastages occurring in cutting room cut majorly into...

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Mitering – The art in fabric spreading

What affects the appearance of a garment, affects the demand of the garment. And when it comes to stripes and checks, managing the quality on the basis of appearance becomes much more critical. Mitering is basically the alignment of the design, stripes or checks on the garment seams. So when your shirt is worn, the stripes on the left front panel should flow uninterrupted across the placket to the right front panel. Do you...

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