The 3rd edition of Yarn Fabric and Accessories Trade Show 2017, took place from November 24 to 27, 2017 at the NSIC Exhibition Centre in New Delhi. The fair was inaugurated by HKL MAGU, Vice Chairman, AEPC along with Lalit Thukral, Chairman EAC and NAEC and SD Chaudhary, Chairman, Kautilya Industries Pvt. Ltd. along with all the participants of YFA 2017. According to the organisers, this year’s show had total of 105 participants, and was visited by 5418 trade buyers. There was also a Chinese pavilion, in which& 24 Chinese exhibitors showcased innovative yarns, fabrics and garment accessories.

The exhibitor list included the who’s who of the Indian and global textile industry from the textile value-chain beginning from fibres till garment accessories, including the likes of Lenzing AG India, Kudu Knit Fab, Arvind Limited, RSWM Ltd, Nimbark Fashions Limited, Everflow Petrofils Ltd., National Textile Corporation, GTN Engineering India Limited, Nandan Denim Limited, Balavigna Weaving Mills, Kautilya Industries Pvt. Ltd., Gupta Exim India Pvt. Ltd., Nath Brothers Exim International Limited, Arisudana Industries Limited, Soundararaja Mills Limited, ShriBalaji Hosiery Udyog (KnitFab), Woven & Knit, Nataraja Textiles, K.C. Astir & Co., Texvalley and many others.

These companies exhibited and a few even launched the latest developments in value-added textile products like speciality fibres, multifunctional yarns, mélange yarns, embroidery yarn, bamboo fabrics, silk fabrics, modal fabrics, knitted fabrics, Indigo yarns, denim fabrics and several garment accessories.

Among the visitors who visited YFA 2017, included decision makers like Sourcing Head’s, Purchase Manager’s, Head Merchandiser’s, Sales Head’s and Country Manager’s of Buying Houses and Export Houses. These esteemed visitors came from composite mills, spinning mills, knitters, weavers, yarn agents, exporters, buying houses, trading houses, designers, retail chains, etc.

These visitors came from across India from various textile and apparel hubs like Delhi & NCR, Ludhiana, Panipat, Bhilwara, Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai, Ahmadabad, Kolkata, Jaipur, Kanpur, Meerut, Banaras, Surat, Tirupur and Northern India, which includes Punjab, Haryana, etc. There were also 50 foreign Buyers from Syria, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Brazil, Dubai, Argentina, Uzbekistan, Turkey and Iran.

But despite all this weak sentiments were quite visible during the show. When compared to last year, the show this edition was little smaller in terms of no. of companies exhibiting, and visitors footfall was also less. Though some exhibitors expressed their satisfaction over the enquiries and orders received during the show, but few were not happy with low visitors’ turnout as the buyers’ quality and quantity was not as per their expectations. Weak market sentiments, as well as impact of demonetization and GST could be the reason behind the lesser companies participating in the show. Otherwise, in terms of organisation and facilities provided, the four-day show was very well appreciated by most of the exhibitors. In next few pages we are giving the views of some of the exhibitors.

Nepal Singh
Arvind Limited

This is for the first time we are participating in this show, and response has been very good. We don’t have bigger presence when it comes to exhibition participation in Northern India so for first time we are marking the same through YFA. Footfall at the show has been average but those who have visited us are quality buyers. We met people from Delhi NCR and infact overseas also. There were buying houses and garment exporters but mostly traders dominated the visitors’ profile. At present our denim production capacity is 1 lakh mtr per day, which we are planning to expand further. These days we are getting good demand for Lycra from ladieswear segment. Also mercerised cotton is in trend, along with Meta-Aramid, Para- Aramid,which are in good demand in India as well as overseas markets like Brazil, the US, Indonesia, Turkey, Singapore, etc.


Surender Pal Kaushik
Nandan Denim Limited

We are currently developing a product which is 100 per cent stretch in denim fabric which will be used in bottom wear jeggings and ladies jeans purpose. We are also doing Tencel and Modal shirting width, Surender Pal Kaushik Nandan Denim Limited injection slub denim, and have products from two ounce to 14 ounce along with complete range for denims. Besides, Chirpal Group has entered into Indigo dyed yarns. We are using latest machines and doing rope dyeing and increased our capacity to 20 tonne per day. Earlier people used to go for printed fabrics but nowadays due to new expansions and new technologies, people prefer dyed yarns. And in that people are going for checks with indigo yarns and reactives. YFA is a good show. When compared, though last edition was better with more exhibitors and visitors but that time quality of buyers was not good and this time high quality buyers have visited. We are getting good response and expecting better response next year with more visitors at a bigger stall.

Sunil Kumar Mandal
National Textile Corp. Ltd.

Our main motto is to give this industry a boost. This is our second time participation and we would like to appreciate the organisers Sunil Kumar Mandal National Textile Corp. Ltd. of this show for having the courage to hold this show because when the market was still not even stabilised after demonetisation and GST they were making the exhibitors registration. The participation which we are witnessing is above our expectations.

It is a very good platform to showcase our products. I came here with lot of queries and expectations to sell our products. In last four days we received very good queries and also a new country and buyers here, which was beyond our expectations. We met our old buyers from Pakistan, Bangladesh and also new one from Ukraine. Overall, we are happy with the show and 100 per cent satisfied.


Candiee Zhang
Nantong Xuanfei Textile Co., Ltd

The exhibition is not really huge, but visitors are really professional. Our company is into producing continuous filament threads. At present we have 5 sets of ring spinning twisting machines and 12 sets of “Two for One” twisting machines, 8 sets of dyeable cone winding machines and 8 sets of king spool winding machines with approximate 200 tonne output per month from our two factories.

At this show we are displaying sewing threads, embroidery threads, braided thread, bonded threads, fishing twine, bag closing thread. India is market is not one of the biggest but important markets for us. We got some enquiries here, but will wait and see how it materializes in future.


Pradeep Kher
Nimbark Fashions Limited

Right now we are focusing on our new type of product which can be promotable in various knitting segments and have all the commands in weaving segments. So we are diversifying in knitting sector. We are launching products for flat knitting, embroidery, which is very rare, and spun yarns and carpets also which will be a replacement for our very popular yarn. At this show we had an edge over others because we are among few of them who are into yarns and woven fabrics both. The basic structure of the show is how many people you are able to attract, we met so many designers but buyers’ have be there. I personally see it is more of an educating kind of show rather than a commercial show. They should include some question arenas and talk shows, so people get to know what exactly the new developments going on. As far as our company is concerned, it’s going good and this year we are going to put up 70000 spindles.

Mukesh Suthar
RSWM Limited (Banswara Unit)

This show is very good for yarn traders, yarn business, and yarn apparels if it continues promotion and developments for that market to be on regular basis. But at customers end footfall was not very good. However, quality wise they were OK but this edition they were less in numbers. RSWM has launched sustainable products, polyester likes, and we are working on that.

Buyers are demanding linen effects mostly on fabrics. Market is still not stable after GST, and demonetisation. We are planning some expansion but this may take some time as it’s under process. Overall, we are satisfied with this show and will be participating in the next edition again. But the organisers should take more initiatives to attract better footfall here.


M. Subramanian
Soundararaja Mills Limited

We are mainly into synthetic yarns and have been supplying 60 double 100 per cent cotton. We are also having micro modal yarns and want to develop further speciality yarn; linen blended & modal blended yarns. We have been participating in this show for past three editions and hope to participate next year again. Overall we got good response from for our wide range of offerings throughout the show. Buyers mainly from Delhi NCR and Ludhiana have been to the show mainly for fabrics and yarns.

These days most of the buyers are demanding linen blended yarns. All our expectations have been fulfilled here, and after we go back to our office we will respond to their queries. As far as market is concerned, after GST the market is little dull but now it’s picking up. So, may be after January and February it will be back on track.

Vijaya Kumar C
GTN Industries Limited

Our company is based in Hyderabad having three manufacturing units for making yarn to fabrics. We are also manufacture highly export oriented T-shirts. We offer specialised cotton yarns and import speciality cotton like SUPIMA, Egyptian cotton, organic yarns etc. Nowadays, organic cotton is very popular. We are making organic fabrics and yarns for surrounding and export markers also.

Here, we are displaying all the yarns gassed, bleached and mercerized. We are showcasing from count 20s to 120s in each contamination along with SUPIMA yarns. Besides, we are displaying fabrics range also. The show is OK but I think it could have been organised for only three days that too during weekdays as people are not very interested in attending business events on Sundays. In all, we’ve got some good customers and orders here.

Manish Singla
Gupta Exim (India) Pvt. Ltd.

Ours is a vertical integrated plant, and we process all kinds of knitted fabrics. We are sourcing the yarns from outside, and do in-house garmenting also. We are producing approximately 600 tonne fabric, and have the capacity of making 10 lakh pieces of garment per month. We are here to promote our brand value. We keep on doing R&D and develop 365 new things every year. Recently we have developed Cocona fabric which is made out of coconut fibre mixed with cotton and polyester. This is 3 degree cooler than normal fabric so it is ideal to be worn in summer season. This product will become brighter after every wash.

As far as show is concerned, it is great, as we had fantastic response and good exposure. We had many new clients through this show, so now we are planning to expand our capacity. We are happy with the quantity and quality of buyers who have been to our stall.

Vinod Bhargav
Everflow Clothing Ltd

We have participated to promote our products like Indigo denim, cotton based fabrics. We have lots of varieties in high high end Tencel yarn as well as linen yarn. So we are promoting all these products in this exhibition. Apart from this we have polyester based fabric which we are promoting in domestic market in a big way. We are already supplying to sportswear and casual wear people so that is our main market area. These days’ people are using a lot of indigo in denim wear and causal wear within all age groups. We have been participating in this show since beginning but this edition it has not improved much.

Overall, footfall has not been good but we hope it to improve next year. Organisers have done a good job but they should invite more quality buyers to visit the show.

Bhargavi Rao

This is for the first time we are participating and are really disappointed. Our idea was to promote our new EcoVero™ fibre; basically to come and bring this new fibre through this show to the customers. But unfortunately though from brand side response is good but otherwise not. For us it has never been a direct business, we are here to educate the customers but even that is not happening. I don’t think the oraganisers have taken enough efforts to promote the show. Today, everyone wants to promote sustainability so we are going ahead and doing sustainability and not just talking about it. EcoVero™ branded viscose fibres achieve the next milestone in Lenzing’s sustainability journey by offering eco-friendly viscose with the lowest environmental impact in the industry – setting the new industry wide benchmark in the sustainability of viscose fibres. We don’t expect mass crowd but decent crowd which are interested in doing business are missing here. Most of the guys who walked in are the one we already knew. The organisers have invested a lot of money but they need to work on the timings, we don’t need a lengthy show, and they have to connect to the right audience.

Rakesh Khandelwal
Mohan Threads Mills Pvt. Ltd.

The show is organised well but footfall wise it’s on the low side. When compared to last year the show this time is little quite. Though there are less people but those who are coming are quality customers. Not only from New Delhi but buyers from even abroad have visited us here. We have presented our existing range here for which we continuously keep on improving the quality.

In terms of trend, in embroidery threads viscose and cotton are in demand these days. We are doing well, and planning to expand our production further next year.


Amit Khosla
Lable Solutions

Our company is into garment decoration, and making all kinds of accessories. The show is not good, and on the scale of 1 to 10, I would mark it 5. Though the quality of buyers’ walk-ins is OK but the customers’ turnout at the show is really low. We have been regularly participating in various domestic and international shows, but this has been my first participation here.

The organisation wise overall it had been average. However, this time atmosphere was not good and we didn’t have good business. Otherwise, the market is doing OK and is improving after GST implementation. We are planning to launch more new products in coming year.



Sharad Jain
FSL Software Technologies Ltd.

We are an Indian manufacturer which aims to be a global IT company providing end to end software solutions that address to the needs of the new economy and aims to build businesses based on value, speed, information, skills and capabilities. We are having various products particularly for the garment and textile industry. We have a software called BuyerEase which provides a user-friendly engine to enable, buying houses, buyers, and exporters to manage and track their samples, orders, and communication with all stakeholders like buyers, vendors, supplier in the same or different time zone. Besides, we have Sales Mantra which is a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool through which any business can develop a lasting business relationship with his customers. Apart from these, we have a wide range of products to offer. Currently, textiles comprises 20 per cent share in our overall business. We are the only company with such profile participating in this show. But response is really bad here as visitors are not coming to the show. The organisers need to work on it.

Tajinder Arora
K. C. Astir & Co. Pvt. Ltd.

Ours is a 40 year old company doing 90 per cent manufacturing and 10 per cent trading. We have three manufacturing plant in Gurgaon, two showrooms and one shop in Delhi. At present we have 70 machines of embroidery schiffli, 250 machines of crochet, 50 machines of commage, 70-80 net fabric machines which we are used for jacquard, and imported fabrics. Latest we have introduced GPO fabric, coloured net and lever fabrics apart from our existing range of fabrics, which are already in good demand.

In exports we have to change product as per the buyers demand. Due to GST market was little hit but for last two months it has started improving. Apparel exports have gone down and we don’t know how it’s going to be after December for our industry. The show this year is not good due to low visitor footfall, and infact on last day only students visited.

Vipul Rastogi
Kautilya Industries Pvt. Ltd.

Our company is almost 3 decades old. Earlier we were into knitting and now we have installed our spinning capacity near Bhiwadi so we have around 8000 spindles there. We are doing specialised yarn in viscose, Tencel, modal, micro modal and are offering best of the products to the market. We are here to present our latest development to know our customers feedback on the same. So, are displaying specialised products like blends of cotton modal slubs, blends of Tencel slubs, and others as per market requirement. These are very well appreciated by customers coming from Jaipur, Ludhiana, Amritsar, so hopefully we will have a good time after the show and for next summer we are expecting some good orders.

Next year we are going for expansion and will increase our capacity from 8 thousand spindles to 20 thousand spindles.

Sumant Goel
Shri Balaji Hosiery Udyog (Knit Fab)

Basically we are into dealing with knit fabrics and fancy yarns. We have participated here only for branding because Knitfab is a big brand in fabrics. We are based in Delhi, manufacturing 10 tonne fabrics per day. We work for both international and domestic buyers. Basically, we are the suppliers for exporters. Our latest offerings are sweater knits, neps, French terries, warp knitted, apart from Tencels, viscose, teries, jacquards which are in trend these days. This time the show is not good in terms of buyers’ footfall.

Last time it was double in terms of size and the buyers who visited were the ones we already knew. No buying agencies, basically nothing new. Business wise in 2016, the growth was stagnant which now is slowly picking up. We are planning to expand further next year.


D.P. Kumar
Texvalley Market Limited

It’s a B2B wholesale market which we have designed to be the onestop destination for the entire range of wholesale textile goods to buyers. It’s a marketplace with 12 zones & 1,600 shops. Coming month we are launching yarn, fabric and accessories zone. This is India’s largest and first of its kind market over here. We are doing a brick-end model only for textiles. Its business enabled, so people come here with their products and we do their marketing. At present 300 companies are associated with us and the concept is just 18 months old. When it comes to YFA, it’s like information spreading platform. Anybody who comes with requirement at YFA, we have the solution for them. Whole concept is new and it is like creating a new market. We want to create a value for the person and the product so that people come over there. Overall, it has been a good show.