Highlighting the importance of developing business relationships and promoting best working practices, the sixth edition Bangladesh Denim Expo took place from May 17-18, 2017 at the International Convention City Bashundhara, Dhaka. The theme of the 2-day expo set ‘Denim Networks,’ highlighting not only the importance of increasingly develop long term relationships in the whole sector, but also to do it on a more and more international scale, with a great focus in mind: Boost sustainable best practices to build a greener and better future for denim.

To do so Bangladesh Denim Expo expanded its spaces, and for the first time the event ran in two separate halls, increased its audience, and created an always evolving and innovative storytelling on sustainability with several special events, seminars and special dedicated areas.

Since its beginning Bangladesh Denim Expo has conceived as an international strategic hub to attract the most interesting and innovative denim-related projects. A strategic vision that has allowed the show to mark a continuous growth in terms of visitors, spaces and exhibitors. A total of 58 exhibitors from 12 countries – Bangladesh, Brazil, China, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Italy, Japan, Pakistan, San Marino, Spain and Turkey displayed their products in the 6th edition of the show the theme which was ‘Denim Network’. Over 5,545 visitors from 1,029 companies from 52 countries also joined the expo.

The organisers said that ten thousand visitors had registered online to visit the expo. And they get a big crowd better than their expectation. A total of four informative seminars and workshops on trends, innovation & new technologies, global denim market and quality assurance were also held at the expo.

Its ‘Trend Zone’ area, the unique space dedicated to showcase the latest denim trends and innovative products, has been expanded in this edition by incorporating a new ‘Information Exchange Zone’ where visitors have been able to gain insights on denim fabrics, styling and finishing available in Bangladesh, together with an offer of the most relevant denim publication.

Moreover, another important novelty, exclusively distributed at the Expo, was the first edition of “Bangladesh Denim Times,” a back-to-back magazine for denim professionals and denim lovers. Being a non-profit, independent magazine that has amongst its purposes to quench the thirst of knowledge of professional in the sector, establishing a bridge between the local industry, international retailers and denim brands.

Last but not least, Bangladesh Denim Expo exclusively featured in the project “See Now, Buy now – Bangladesh 2017” that aimed to connect international buyers with the local suppliers. The project is promoted by the CBI (Center for Promotion of Imports from Developing Countries), an agency of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs in collaboration with BGMEA, and took place in May-June 2017 with two exclusive Buying Missions; the first of which featured Bangladesh Denim Expo as crucial appointment.

Growing sustainable

Sustainability has always been the core value of Bangladesh Denim Expo since its first edition in 2014, and for the brand new one is even more at the center of activities. The crucial issue of building more sustainable and ecologic business and production models for the denim industry is implemented through the focus on “Denim Networks” that marks the upcoming show. One of the unmissable novelties of the expo is represented by the “Sustainable Apparel Forum” (SAF), held the whole 17th May 2017 at Rajdarshan Hall, a unique event designed and organised by the Bangladesh Apparel Exchange (BAE), the country’s only private initiative-led apparel sector promoter. “Making sustainability easier” was the official motto that guided this first edition of the SAF, an exclusive appointment that saw speakers of international renown and top managers from apparel and textile companies in Bangladesh bringing in fresh perspectives on sustainability based on the needs of business and customers’ expectations through specialized workshops to discuss practical aspects of daily operations in factories. Through four specific so-called “knowledge sessions” experts explored best practices and stimulated the whole Bangladesh apparel industry to cope with the next generation challenges.

“We want to connect experts, brands, retailers and industries top-player in order to share a global approach towards the main challenges of our times” claims Md. Mostafiz Uddin, Founder & CEO of Bangladesh Denim Expo “and doing it with an international perspective, especially concerning the inevitable sustainable transition that we all must face and we all must learn to promote and diffuse as much as we can”