In an effort to promote and boost apparel exports from Gujarat, the Apparel Exports Promotion Council (AEPC) inaugurated its office in Ahmedabad recently. State Chief Secretary, JN Singh, along with State Principal Secretary (education) Sunaina Tomar were present at the inauguration ceremony on Gujarat Chamber of Commerce and Industries (GCCI) premises. On the sidelines of the inauguration, GCCI also announced its international exhibition named ‘Farm to Fashion’ to promote textile and apparel industry of the State. The exhibition will be held in the second week of March 2018.

Chairman, AEPC, Ashok Rajani said that in the past three months, apparel exports had declined by 12 per cent due to GST and several other reasons. “There are several taxes which have not been subsumed under GST, including petrol-transportation, electricity and cotton seeds which increase the tax burden by 11.5 per cent. Due to this, the industry is suffering,” he said. “Currently, apparel exports from India are worth $17 bn and if the government takes necessary measures, this is likely to grow by 20 per cent,” Rajani said.

JN Singh, Chief Secretary, Gujarat Government, said that the 12th office of AEPC will help promote apparel exports from the state and thus give a boost to Gujarat’s garment manufacturing industry. “This will help complete the textile value chain of farm to fashion, in Gujarat,” Singh said.