The AVM Solutions GmbH is part of the Human Solutions Group. The Human Solutions Group has 200 employees. Its products are sold worldwide, either directly by the Group or through partners in 50 countries.

ERP BOS – A guide from the point of sale to shipping

Apparel production is highly dynamic. ERP BOS completely maps the business processes, business structures and plans of apparel companies. And if required, the system adapts itself to market requirements – without expensive modifications.

SAM – ERP all the way to the point of sale

With SAM, apparel companies can perform on-site consulting and planning more efficiently. All the information about customers, products and all orderrelated data are available interactively in realtime. Field sales representatives, for example, can then create offers on-site – and request delivery dates and have them authorised by the office.

Lago – Quality and cost optimization in manufacturing

Lago by AVM ensures optimal quality for apparel manufacturers — and still saves cutting costs. Lago determines the optimal ratio between the actual material and labour costs in the cutting each collection piece.