Barudan Co., Ltd. is the manufacturer of Japan made computerised embroidery machine in Japan. Since 1959, Barudan has been producing the best built, most reliable embroidery machines in the world and proudly produced in Japan. It has exported embroidery machines to over 100 countries throughout the world with the corporation of Barudan Global Network.

Compact embroidery machines

Introducing new BEKY-CII Series. Barudan’s newest 2 through 8 head machines now have:

  • New SH embroidery head (Smart Head technology) for higher performance and increased durability
  • Servo motors for increased production and more power
  • New K automat

Barudan’s new K Series multi-head machines were introduced in September of 2016. The new K automat features 10.4″ Colour Touch Screen, higher resolution and a 100 design, 70 mn stitch memory. User-friendly icons and an intuitive main screen provide quicker access to functions and features. It is available on all new Barudan multi-head machines. LAN and COM connectors are standard for Barudan networking along with 2 USB ports for devices such as barcode scanner, keyboard, mouse, hub and card reader.

Triple combination embroidery machines

Barudan offers multi-head speciality combination machines with various specifications and field sizes for chenille/embroidery, chenille/sequin, lockstitch zigzag and chenille/embroidery/sequin.

Big field embroidery machines

Introducing BEXS Series.

  • Biggest embroidery field size in the world
  • High speed
  • High production