In Qianqing, PC (65/35) 32s yarn prices rolled over in the second week of March while 45s PC combed yarn prices were up on the week. Blended spun yarn price remained firm across Asian markets and were moving into different directions in China. Although PSF prices were down in all markets, cotton prices firmed up prompting spinners to blend fibres to remain cost effective. In Pakistan, PC and PV yarns pries were firm being supported by a relatively higher level of demand. VSF prices have however climbed due to rise in seasonal demand as more spinning mills started producing PV yarns. In India, PV and PC yarn prices were seen inching up as demand had apparently shifting to blended yarns as 100 per cent cotton yarn were firm and rising. 30s (65/35) PV warp and PC 30s (52/48) yarns prices were both up US cents 2-3 a kg in Ludhiana.