Cadini, a premium Italian menswear brand, has recently introduced a suiting range in various hues of green as a first in the industry. With the new Go Green range, Cadini has tried to establish its innovative leadership in the market by bringing latest trends and global fashion to Indians. The new range, featuring around 25 shades of green, has been exclusively curated keeping in mind the upcoming festive season.

A refreshing and revitalizing shade, Green is symbolic of new beginnings and serves as an expression of a mood and an attitude. The fresh and zesty green shade evokes the first days of spring when nature’s greens revive, restore and renew.

Offering a fresh take on the classic suiting fabrics, the new Go Green Collection offers a strong yet super-comfort fabrics that are ideal for men’s suits with green colour tones that include, inter alia, emerald, blue pine, forest green, black forest, fern green, chlorophyll, tropical wave. Made from fine Terry Rayon, the range boasts of premium fabrics made with latest technology to offer sharp structure & finish and giving it a smoother, silkier, softer and more lustrous than any other fabric. This uber-luxurious collection of premium suiting fabrics is for those who don’t live a life of compromise.

CADINI offers an exclusive range of fabrics in wool cashmere, wool-silklinen, 100 per cent Silk, wool blends, jacketing fabrics in 100 per cent Linen & TR, 100 per cent long staple cotton, 100 per cent Giza cotton, 100 per cent linen etc. With its foray in India, CADINI is trying to touch upon the expectations of the discerning Indian, who is closely identical to an Italian in terms of giving importance to their respective heritage, values and beliefs. Eventually, CADINI is planning to create a distinctive positioning for itself in the Indian market with its quality products.

Cadini, a Siyaram’s Global Venture, is a manufacturer of men’s fabrics, garments and accessories. Incepted in 1970 in Florence, Italy, Cadini has continuously sustained a great passion for style, quality and research and has evolved as one of the most sought after brands from Italy with its presence in 40 countries worldwide. CADINI’s Logo stands for a picture of a styled Etruscan bronze horse, a strong symbol in the Etruscan Culture representing strength and power, much similar to the features of a confident contemporary man.