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What is TPM (Total Productive Maintenance)?

“Inherent within the TPM concept are the aspects of enhancing the overall effectiveness (efficiency) of factory equipment and providing an optimal group organisational approach in the accomplishment of system maintenance activities. (Blanchard,1997)” Total Productive Maintenance can be understood as a holistic approach towards equipment maintenance where the aim is to achieve the best possible productivity with no breakdowns, no unplanned failures, no stops, no defects and no accidents. Being said that, how do we achieve it? Proactive and Preventive Maintenance is the key. The roles of production and maintenance teams in TPM are blurred in a way that the...

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Export margin comes down As rupee appreciates against dollar

Whether it is demonetisation or the Goods and Services Tax (GST), things have bogged down to the country’s exports, which are really in bad shape now. Both demonetisation and GST have adversely impacted our exports, including textiles and clothing (T and C). The global economic scenario has turned unfavourable. India has slipped to the 40th position in Global competitiveness, as per the report compiled by the World Economic Forum (WEF). It says that India however has garnered the highest ranking in South Asia. The recent appreciation of the rupee against US dollar has dealt a severe blow to the...

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From The Editor

Indian apparel export industry has welcomed the measures taken by the GST Council under the Chairmanship of Arun Jaitely, Union Finance Minister. These measures will give immediate relief to the apparel exports sector, which has been going through a difficult phase due to various factors. These include reduction in the rate of GST on manmade items viz synthetic filament yarn such as nylon, polyester and acrylic etc. and artificial filament yarn, yarn of man-made staple fibres, real zari from 18 to 12 per cent. The GST council has also made a provision for refund of GST for the month...

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Silicone inks for superior performance printing

Silicones have been widely accepted as environment friendly chemistry for textile application for quite a few decades now. Its use as a softener on different textile substrates is not only because of the unique handle it provides but also because of its durable and safe environmental profile that now a very significant majority of apparels globally is finished with silicones. In garment printing silicones have traditionally been used as additives in inks to improve the handle or performance of organic inks, Silicones by itself have not been used for printing as the performance especially handle on the garment of...

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Five factors that affect fabric consumption

It has been established over time that including all the costs related to the production of a garment, the cost of the fabric is the highest. As much as about 70 per cent of the expenditures of apparel production have been dedicated to the cost of raw material which includes fabric and trims. It would not be wrong to say that by controlling the raw material costs, one can substantially decrease the investment cost for a company, thereby directly affecting its profits. Logically, the cost of raw material can be controlled if we monitored the fabric consumption and utilization....

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