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Are you wasting fabric while Splicing?

Splicing is the technique used while spreading in the cutting room, which incorporates cutting the fabric across its width to overlap layers in between the ends of the lay. It can be used for different reasons: Firstly, to accommodate for fabric defects, preventing any final cut pieces from the defective part of the fabric Splicing is also used when the fabric roll being spread ends in the middle of the marker, and the end bit length is sufficient to cut one complete garment piece Lastly, it is used when there is a change in the size, i.e. the pattern...

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Shift focus on RCEP Bloc to propel textile export growth

There appears to be no serious move by India and the 28 Member European Union (EU) to forge a Broad based Trade and Investment Agreement (BITA) between the two nations. Negotiations have been launched in 2007. Ten years down the line differences continue to remain on crucial issues such as a cut in tariffs on textiles and clothing (T & C) products as well as automobiles spirits and a liberal visa regime. It is time for India to shift focus on signing free trade agreements with members of the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) bloc in order to propel...

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From the Editor

The textile industry has welcomed the budgetary allocation for textile sector of Rs. 7,148 cr for 2018-19 against Rs. 6,222 cr last year and the announcements pertaining to the MSME sector. In order to reduce the tax burden on MSMEs, the corporate tax has been reduced to 25 per cent who have reported turnover up to Rs. 250 cr will benefit textiles sector as it’s primarily in the MSME segment. This will give a big thrust to MSMEs to boost employment and economic growth. The budgetary allocation for ROSL has been increased from Rs. 1,855 cr to Rs. 2,164...

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ZDHC scouring and one bath bleaching technology An absolute innovation in organic chemistry

ZDHC scouring, is a philosophy of chemical research and engineering that encourages to have a processes that minimize the use and generation of hazardous substances in the effluent, and minimize the usage of the finite resources water and energy. The research is focused on minimizing the Hazard and improving the effluent quality, maximize the efficiency of process, improving the fabric finish attributes and high strength retention, dye yield in case of solid dyeing and improving whiteness in one bath bleach, reducing the process time etc. ZDHC scouring is an answer to all the bitter pills associated with conventional scouring...

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What is aisle spacing and why is it important?

An aisle space can be understood as the passages left between work equipment or machines to allow free movement of people and material on the floor. Why is Aisle Spacing important? In factories, movement of handling equipment like trolleys and bins can be hampered if items are scattered on the floor, or machine placements clutter the passageway. Clearly marked, empty passageways, allow handling equipment to easily pass through, saving time and energy. Hence, every workstation on the floor should keep its containers within a welldefined boundary line, ensuring they do not encroach the allotted aisle space. Also, clearly marked...

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