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VN textile and garment sector to benefit with signing of EVFTA next year

The EU-Vietnam Free Trade Agreement (EVFTA) expected to be signed next year which will provide tariff preferences to Vietnamese exporters to the EU. There will also be ample opportunities to upgrade the value chain for the textile and garment sector. Only “EVFTA originating” products will benefit from preferential tariffs for a maximum of seven years after entry into force, said EU-MUTRAP team leader Claudio Dordi. To be “EVFTA originating,” EVFTA requires textile and garment producers to carry out two production stages in an EVFTA country: Vietnamese producers can upgrade their value chain, adding the weaving or knitting stage to...

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Eight hidden elements to revamp your cutting room

Cutting room is a very important section in the garment manufacturing process which has a major impact on the production of a factory. The cutting room controls the utilisation of fabric which makes up to 70 per cent of the total cost. Small wastages and savings can have a huge effect on the efficiency and profitability for an organisation. Cutting is the first operation of garment manufacturing and it lays the foundation of quality of the garment to be made. Any carelessness in the cutting process can affect the quality of a garment. Hence, we need to ensure the...

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Polyester import duty doubled Makes MMF diversification difficult

The GST Council has recently reduced the tax on man-made items to 12 per cent from 18 per cent earlier. Will it help the textile and clothing (T and C) sector to diversity into the synthetic segment? Look like the diversification is not easy to come by. It is because staple fibre continues to be taxed at 18 per cent as before, whereas staple yarn has been made eligible for the reduced duly. Fabrics attract a duty of 5 per cent. To render the diversification rather difficult is the government’s latest move to affect a sharp hike in import...

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Indian textile industry is one of the largest textile industries in the world. Today, Indian economy is largely dependent on textile manufacturing and exports. India earns around 27 per cent of the foreign exchange from exports of textiles. Further, Indian textile industry contributes about 14 per cent of the total industrial production of India. Furthermore, its contribution to the gross domestic product of India is around 3 per cent. Indian textile industry involves around 35 mn workers directly and it accounts for 21 per cent of the total employment generated in the economy. But there is a huge drop...

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What is TPM (Total Productive Maintenance)?

“Inherent within the TPM concept are the aspects of enhancing the overall effectiveness (efficiency) of factory equipment and providing an optimal group organisational approach in the accomplishment of system maintenance activities. (Blanchard,1997)” Total Productive Maintenance can be understood as a holistic approach towards equipment maintenance where the aim is to achieve the best possible productivity with no breakdowns, no unplanned failures, no stops, no defects and no accidents. Being said that, how do we achieve it? Proactive and Preventive Maintenance is the key. The roles of production and maintenance teams in TPM are blurred in a way that the...

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