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Go Green – Innovation for the future from Ramsons

Ramsons is India’s largest manufacturer of commercial laundry, dry cleaning and garment finishing equipment. It has a proud Indian heritage, which gives it a single minded focus to provide the highest level of customer service. With some of India’s leading companies as its suppliers, strong engineering talent and stringent quality control systems, it manufactures high quality products that are exported globally. New Generation Vertostar (Series 7.7) Saving Energy, Water and Space! Ramsons vertostar series 7.7 have been designed and built with a vision of operational efficiency and success of the laundry. These machines have been working smoothly all day...

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Driving a new era of sewing technology with Brother

Since its inception in 1908, Brother has been at the forefront of products innovation, dedicated to delivering superior and innovative sewing technology to its customers. One of the important additions to the company’s portfolio is new line of S-7300A industrial sewing machines. This new industrial sewing machines boasts a new feeding mechanism and striking new housing that will set a new design standard in the industry. It is world’s first lock stitch sewing machine which adopts the Electronic feed Control directly connected with a stepping motor. Given are some of its highlights: Reduction of disposition of thread ends (Short...

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Automatic Cutter Next and Matching System by Morgan Tecnica

Morgan is a group of companies, based in Adro (Brescia), Italy. Morgan Tecnica Spa and Morgan Dynamics are responsible for the design, creation and manufacturing of machinery/software/products used to automate the cutting rooms of many industries around the globe. It has automated processes in all areas of the cutting room from fabric loading, automatic/intuitive spreading, label printing and state of-the-art cutting machines, all being linked together with our single and multi-level tables. Next 70 (TAGLIO – Cutter) The ‘’next’’ generation of electronics is already ‘’present’’ in the new range of automatic cutters Morgan ‘’Next’’, now faster and more precise....

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New machine, PFAFF 3819, for perfect ladies jeans

A new sewing machine, PFAFF 3819, is all set to make stitching ladies jeans much easier and simpler. The machine, ingrained with the concept of “material from the reel,” delivers maximum productivity while maintaining consistent seam quality. The special “curved version” of PFAFF 3819 is the world’s first designed for processing fashionable ladies’ jeans. The workstation PFAFF 3819 is meant to meet the highest demands and standards and it allows programming of the entire sewing and cutting cycle with protrusion of the waistband, skipped stitches, start and stop of the waistband. Explaining how the ‘curved version’ of the machine...

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Lectra announces the sale of its 3000th Vector machine

Lectra, a leader in integrated technology solutions for fabrics, leather, technical textiles, and composite materials, has announced the sale of its 3000th latest-generation Vector fabric cutting-solution machine in 10 years. The Vector range has revolutionised the automatic cutting room for fabric, used by fashion, automotive, and furniture manufacturers. <Manufacturers’ enthusiasm for Vector, in both developed countries and emerging economies, is due to a range of competitive advantages. Vector’s record machine availability, over 98 per cent, plus its overall performance, minimises the cost per piece, bringing profitability to operations for Lectra customers. In addition, Vector’s cutting precision and the capacity...

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