Cheran Machines India is one of the leaders among manufacturers and exporters of high performance textile printing machinery and garment printing machines for various requirements. Cheran is an ISO 9001 – 2015 certified company, located in Coimbatore, Manchester of South India. With a strong commitment for quality, it has built strong brands recognised for innovation, user friendly features and superior performance. The company recently celebrated 25th anniversary of its successful journey in India.

“I would like to thank all customers who supported us in this journey. Last few years have been excellent as we have lots of wonderful customers not only in India but overseas also. We are looking ahead to the future with a spirit of confidence and motivation. We are convinced that we will continue our successful path by working together to enhance our existing strengths and to put our customers’ benefits into the focus of our operations,” said R Mohan Kumar, Managing Director, Cheran Machines India Pvt. Ltd while speaking over the company’s silver jubilee.

The product superiority and proven quality have helped the company to earn clients all over India and in overseas markets like Bangladesh, Egypt, Madagascar, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Vietnam and in the Gulf region. Cheran has very strong research and development team with dynamic engineers and CAD computer graphic facility. After having felt of customer needs in the competitive garment/ textile printing sector, Cheran’s design engineers have dedicated their career in designing & developing customer requirements and simultaneously it is increasing its client base in leather, automobile, rexin, nylon medical and supportive industries.

“In order to satisfy our valued customer we have strong and technically trained service engineers backed with all latest technological and telecommunication supports to provide effective after-sales-service inclusive of dealer network,” said Mohan. Cheran is always confident in committing full support before, during and after sales. The company works with the mission of achieving excellence in quality and maximising customer satisfaction by offering a wide range of high performance and efficient printing machines catering to the textile and garment industry. “We owe our success to the extensive industry knowledge, improved technologies and customer-focused approach,” added Mohan.

The years of experience that has gained in the industry has been based on the strong foundation of product quality and repeatable satisfied customer. A rigorous quality control system in place has always ensured highest standards of quality. This achievement is primarily due to the support received from its customers, the company says. “Firstly when we look back at the past 25 years, Cheran has faced numerous obstacles to success, including social and economic turbulence.

But we successfully overcame these obstacles and with the support of our customers and team. That’s why we’ve been able to continually develop as a manufacturing company. And also we strongly believe that there were three key factors for our success. The first being “the support of our customers,” the second was “the perseverance of our employees” and third “sheer luck”. Without just one of these three components Cheran might not have made it to today,” said Mohan. The company deploys an online quality monitory system to get the stages from raw material purchase to finishing the product with qualified technical personnel to overseas the process, it is ensured that only the finest quality product reaches the customer. “We will always deliver only the quality products demanded, responding to customer’s needs with on time delivery of the quantities requested. We will meet all new challenges with an open mind but take past experiences into account. We think of this 25th anniversary as a second start and the entire company will strive for further development. Cheran will continuously strive to remain a company worthy of your trust in the next 25 years,” said Mohan.

The company commits the following in pursuit of satisfying our customers: Design and manufacture of safe reliable product, Adhering delivery commitments, Adopting systems to direct people, Customer support throughout the product life cycle, Continual improvement of products, process and systems, and Enhancing employee competence to suit the changing demands.

“We are one of the leaders in this segment, not only having dealer network in India but Sri Lanka also, so that’s the edge we have. We have a crazy pool of engineering talent so we hope for a good future ahead. We are the one stop shop for best technologies, reach and service, so would like to remain the largest supplier of equipments in India,” said Mohan.

At present, the company is having offices in Coimbatore and Tirupur apart from dealers network in New Delhi, Ludhiana, Mumbai, Kolkata, Indore, Surat, and in overseas at Sri Lanka. In the journey towards excellence, the company regularly participates in all major trade shows in India and overseas like IMB – Germany, Aamatex – Singapore to market its products.

Cheran’s various product offerings include: Pneumatic stretching clamp, mechanical stretching clamp, stirrer motor, screen washer |washing booth, “X-wel” exposing machine, screen dryer, manual printing machine, micro registration printing machine, electric flash curer, electric dryer / conveyer curing, diesel – gas dryer, digital heat transfer / fusing machine, sleek / digital twins (heat transfer / fusing machine), cute / crystal machine, roll heat seal machine, jumbo / sublimation transfer with vacuum bed machine, flat screen printing machine, Cheran’s swift roll to roll sublimation transfer machine, Cheran’s jumbo / sublimation transfer machine with double tray.