Christian Dior, Nike, and Inditex have topped Forbes’ 2017 Global 2000 list as the largest apparel companies. Forbes’ annual and comprehensive list of the world’s largest and most valuable public companies is based on a composite score of revenues, profits, assets, and market value of the companies. This year, 28 retail names made to the top of the list. The list includes luxury brands like Hermes, Prada, and Burberry, alongside legacy players like Coach, Macy’s and Nordstrom, according to Forbes.

Christian Dior came in as the apparel king, rising 27 spots to be number 189 on the overall list and the biggest in the apparel industry with $43.6 bn in sales, $1.95 bn in profit and $68.3 bn. in assets. Christian Dior also continues to bring in revenue courtesy of affiliated upscale, luxury brands through LVMH including Dom Pérignon, VeuveClicquot, Givenchy and De Beers.Nike occupied number 2 spot, ranking 249th on the Global 2000, up 12 notches from the year prior. Sales of $33.8 bn and profit of $4 bn didn’t hurt the maker of athletic apparel.

Finally, rounding out the top three is Industria de DisenoTextil (Inditex), which also rose in rank in 2017. The parent company to Zara came in 276th, up 34 spaces from 310th in 2016. Inditex reported sales of $25.7 bn and profit of $3 bn and the company’s assets of $21 bn in 2017.