CISMA 2017, which was held from September 26-29, 2017 at Shanghai New International Expo Center, China showcased the most advanced equipment and technical achievements of the industry in twelve exhibition halls. More than 1,200 exhibitors from 24 countries and regions met and carried out communication and demand pairing with more than 50,000 professionals from more than 100 countries and regions through multiple media such as offline, online etc.

CISMA is the world the largest professional sewing machinery show in the world. Themed by “Smart Sewing Technology & Solutions,” the China International Sewing Machinery & Accessories Show (CISMA) is a four- day event being held from 26th September to 29th September 2017 at the Shanghai New International Expo Centre in Shanghai, China. This event showcased products like some of the latest and widest ranges of products and servicing such as pre-sewing, sewing, and aftersewing equipment, CAD/CAM, spare parts and accessories which covered the whole garment production procedure etc. in the knitting and stitching industry.

The exhibitors of the event introduced some of the latest and widest ranges of products and servicing. CISMA won attention and recognition from both exhibitors and visitors with its grand scale, excellent service and trade function. CISMA is a platform to display new product and a bridge to connect upstream and downstream industry chain. Every CISMA attracted lots of world famous brands to come, such as Duerkopp-Adler, Pfaff, Juki, Brother, Pegasus, Yamoto, Lectra, Gerber, Oshima, Golden Wheel, Gaolin, Sunstar, Macpi, Veit, Tajima, Barudan. Famous domestic brands such as Typical, SGSB, Zoje, Jack, Gemsy, Tongyu, Huigong, Dahao, Weishi, Ying displayed products as well. A bunch of equipment with electric-control devices, mino-lubrication, multi- function and high level of automation appeared in the show. The increased level of technology and added value is now changing the critical procedure in apparel production stream line.

Among the signed-up exhibitors, 60 per cent of them were in E Hall while 40 per cent are in W Hall, which meant the exhibitors’ applications of pre & after sewing part were much more active than ever. In the matter of exhibition hall, exhibitors tend to more rational. On the one hand the principle of brand balance based on the exhibition partition has been accepted. On the other hand, according to the new layout of Shanghai New International Exhibition Center, the North and East entrance’s utilisation has been increased, which changed peoples’ old concept that South entrance is the main entrance, so the applications of the exhibition hall tend to a balanced distribution.

Firstly, across the board, the luggage, clothing and shoes industries are transferring to the South-East Asian Countries one after another. However, China, with a strong marketability, still maintains being the center of manufacture, exhibition and sales of the world sewing machinery products. Meanwhile, in the development of two decades, CISMA has already been the largest professional exhibition in the world, presenting the whole production chains, serving to the garment, shoes and luggage industry, expanding itself to household, health care and aerospace industries. Moreover, the current industry development has presented a professional, personalised, accurate product segmentation and service upgrades, which makes the connotation of sewing machinery products more abundant.

Therefore, with strong market demand, large groups of customers, intelligent products, CISMA 2017 presented a grand new pattern. The layout of exhibition hall of CISMA 2017 is based on the products categories, sticking to the principle of balancing brands. But the organiser made a certain adjustment based on the actual development status of the industry. On the one hand, from the perspective of the whole industry chain, achieving the balance matching between pre -sewing, sewing and after-sewing these three different stages of products to value and strengthen the whole production processes also to further improve the productivity of the whole industry chain. On the other hand, offering different services to different customers; showed different types and models of machine in each category; providing a platform of one-stop business experience for the customers.

Dürkopp Adler presents latest sewing solutions

The Shang Gong Group underlined its position as one of the leading industrial sewing companies in China with an impressive joint booth of its brands Dürkopp Adler, Beisler, PFAFF Industriesysteme und Maschinen GmbH, KSL, Shang Gong, SGGemsy, Butterfly and Mauser Spezial. On more than 1.800 m2, customers could experience state-of-the-art solutions for silk to very heavyweight materials, from standard sewing machines to 3D sewing with Robots, and leading industry 4.0 solutions.

Dürkopp Adler, the biggest European industrial sewing machine manufacturer and specialist for automation, presented the new generation of piping technology and launched the new classes 755 and 756 for high quality welt pockets of all kinds. The machines come with a new high-resolution touch control panel operable in 15 languages that gives the sewing unit outstanding performance. The new sewing units can increase the productivity for this sewing operation by more than 20 per cent and are equipped with a revolutionary system for changing the folding stamp. With their new programmable positioning and material transport systems, the piped pocket machine is a must for every high-quality production of right-angled piping, flap and welt pockets and makes sewing much more efficient and flexible.

Also essential for a top quality jacket production are perfectly finished armholes. Dürkopp Adler showed its new optimized workstations classes 670 and 680 for this application. The 670 is ideal for attaching the sleeve lining and the sleeve head strips. The 680 allows the attaching and simultaneous trimming of the body lining and shoulder pads in excellent quality and productivity.

Visitors paid a lot of attention to the new QONDAC production monitoring and optimisation system powered by Dürkopp Adler. This award-winning industry 4.0 solution can analyze mass data of thousands of connected machines in a sewing factory in a few moments to optimise production processes and react to any problem in real-time. Preventive maintenance modules, remote adjustment, software updates of machines and online tutorials at the machines will boost the productivity in the factory to a new level. In springtime next year, QONDAC will be available to the market, together with the new intelligent COMMANDER CSP touch panel for new Industry 4.0 applications.

QONDAC combines perfectly with the M-TYPE PREMIUM medium heavy duty product line. These smart machines are fully electronic, programmable and can be connected easily to a QONDAC Networks system. Dürkopp Adler has completed this product line now and offers it in flatbed, postbed, and cylinder arm versions, long-arms versions and with all kind of material feed systems. For customers with low budgets making leather or upholstery products, the new triple feed flatbed machine class 1767 with modern features and proven technology was launched.

Brother presents DigiFlex Feed” and “IoT”

At this exhibition, Brother presented world’s first technology “DigiFlex Feed” and “IoT” with the theme of “Digital Solutions Expanding by Connecting – Improving Productivity Brought by NEXIO – “. It also became an opportunity to actually try out the latest models including “S – 7300A ”and “BAS – 342H.”

Brother’s IoT

IoT has become a common word throughout various industries. Introducing IoT will provide you significant benefits such as…

  • Workplace Visualisation: Project progress can be seen clearly by comparing current and target production status
  • Facility Management: Problem prevention in production line can be made by collecting all the machine errors
  • Productivity Improvement: Improving production efficiency and finding issues can be achieved easily by visualising the operation ratio of machines
  • Does it require a large initial investment? – Brother’s IoT system can be introduced for 1/5 of the market price. Even with the minimum investment, by introducing to the first process of production line provides you an input quantity. The difference between the input quantity and the output quantity will be the key to optimize the production process. On the other hand, by introducing to the final process of production line provides hourly production and cumulative output which visualize production progress.
  • Is it difficult to operate? – The operation interface was made with all the knowledge of usability which accumulated through our Printer business. Minimising system initialisation requirement is another feature. Workplace visualisation is possible with only few steps, connect machines and input few numbers.Simple and easy data acquisition allows you to grasp the production situation for further production improvement.
  • Can I introduce it to my factory? – Brother’s IoT system is able to introduce to your factory regardless of its scale or even with the factory which uses other brand’s machine! Our system connects to sewing machine wirelessly, therefore all the wiring work is unnecessary. By connecting to the cloud server with your device, you can check the factory situation from anywhere

Productivity improvement with DigiFlex Feed

  • Preventing needle breakage leads to better operating ratio: DigiFlex Feed technology feeds the cloth at the appropriate time to prevent needles bending or breaking. Even with thick materials which would normally break the needles, the cloth is not fed through at the moment the needle is inserted, thus there is less stress placed on the needle. The result is less needle breakage and an improvement in operation ratio
  • Every operator can achieve high quality with the suitable feed motion: DigiFlex Feed has 4 different “feed motions” to choose from, which each provides different thread tightening, depending on the material. This will allow every operator to produce stable quality even with processes which once relied on a highly experienced operator.
  • Improving productivity by reducing unnecessary setup steps:Procedures which until now were done by hand are now handled digitally by DigiFlex Feed machines. The simple button operations can be carried out by even a new employee. This helps us to minimize machine stop times and leads to an improvement in line productivity.

Wide range of sewing machines by Pegasus

Pegasus Sewing Machine Mfg. Co., Ltd., is one of the leading manufacturers of sewing machines in the world. The company specialises in industrial sewing machines that produce chainstitches (Kannui), which are used in sewing factories. In this tradeshow, Pegasus had a joint booth together with Brother Machinery Shanghai Ltd, a sales company of Brother Industries, Ltd.under the enhancing business linkages agreement.

Pegasus exhibited not only its popular W3500P and W3600P series, but also the most suitable machine for sewing sportswear, which industry has grown up dramatically these days. In addition, it demonstrated automatic machines and optional devices, which contribute to labour-saving and quality improvement. As factory improvement software, 2 software (Digital Process Analysis System and Inspection Control System)were introduced with presentation.

FS703P-A-G2BX452/PD23/PL3B/PP3A Oil Barrier Type, 4-Needle, Feed-Off-The-Arm, Interlock Stitch Machine for Flatseaming (To Prevent Plyshift)

  • This machine is effective when seaming lightweight fabrics with right or left fabrics of different stretchability, such as seaming less-stretchable mesh fabrics and stretchable fabrics for sportswear and similar garments
  • In order to respond to seaming the left and right hand fabrics that have different stretchability, different differential feed ratios can be set easily
  • The world’s first, completely enclosed arm bed, and special oil seals attached to each mechanism eliminate stain removal operations due to oil stains, increasing quality and productivity.
  • Thanks to the air-controlled presser foot pressure (PP – (Pneumatic presser foot pressure regulator), the uniform and minimum possible presser foot pressure is always achieved according to the fabric and fabric weight being used
  • Thanks to the air-controlled engagement pressure of the knives, the engagement pressure is reduced, compared to conventional knives. This feature dramatically increases the durability of the knives

LSN-410-2/MX5204-22Z5/213-5 Serging Unit (Equipped With 1-Needle Overedger)

  • Serging operations on pants, skirts and similar garments
  • The operator simply places the fabric on the sensor.The machine automatically sews the fabric and trims the thread chain
  • These machines can serge long panels, such as pants and skirts as well as small parts, such as the facings of pants and skirts
  • This unit includes the edge controller, gauge parts, fabric guide, etc. specified for turning in small radius. The operator simply places the fabric

SOH-541-7/WT562P-08JCX356 Integrated Sewing Unit for Hemming (Equipped With 2-Needle, Variable Top Feed, Flatbed, Interlock Stitch Machine)

  • Hemming flat bottoms and sleeve openings of Tshirts, underwear and similar garments
  • The unit is economic and compact, but it automates and deskills difficult hemming operations
  • The operator simply places the fabric. The unit automatically performs the hemming operations, providing uniform and quality products. The operator then goes to the next fabric in sequence. Production is greatly increased

W3500P Series Oil Barrier Type, 3-Needle, Flatbed, Interlock Stitch Machine

  • Equipped with a new needle thread take-up mechanism, “soft/tight seams” can be easily changed to “tight/soft seams,” responding to a wide variety of sewn products made of extra light to heavy weight fabrics
  • The looper thread take-up is detachable, so solving unexpected trouble is easy. In addition, the installation position is reproducible with no adjustments

W3600P Series Oil Barrier Type, 3-Needle, Cylinder Bed, Interlock Stitch Machine

  • Numerous subclasses available for tubular knit fabrics
  • Special oil seals attached to various areas prevent oil leakage and oil splashes. This “Oil Barrier” feature completely blocks even one drop of oil leaking from the needle bar and even while the machine is stopped
  • Detachable looper thread take-up has been employed. So it is easier to solve unexpected trouble. The installation position is reproducible with no adjustments

Digital Process Analysis System
The Digital Process Analysis System is a support tool that can be employed in order to improve production. Thanks to this system, you can embody your skills and techniques, such as “Handling down your technology (Educating newcomers),” “Motion analysis,” “Job improvement,” “Standardizing operations,” and “Production simulation,” by visualising them using video images.

Inspection Control System
The Inspection Control System is to abolish the handwriting of the defect contents, and digitize the “repair product management”, “daily inspection report”, “By line, by type of defect”, using the tablet PC. This is the tool which supports the visualization of improvement points & labor saving.

Groz-Beckert presents intelligent solutions

Groz-Beckert was present with the sewing division. In addition to the established product highlights, intelligent solutions were also presented, like the exclusive five-star service Sewing 5. At the Mobile Lab, visitors got the opportunity to inspect and analyze material samples directly at the Groz- Beckert booth. Sewing 5 from Groz-Beckert stands for Supply, Solutions, Service, Superiority and Sustainability.

The sewing and joining service from Groz-Beckert, which can now be accessed from several locations around the world, provides scores of pointers and support for optimal sewing operation and the best end product possible.There is also tailored application advice that goes beyond the limits of standard solutions. The problem is precisely analyzed, various inspections and tests are performed and a conclusive report delivers detailed recommendations on trouble-shooting.

Requirements within sewing operations change constantly. The wide variety of materials worked with and the different requirements for seams with regard to function and appearance make it ever more difficult to find the right needle for current applications. Moreover, flawed finishing of materials or incorrect machine settings can lead to material damage and other problems.

JUKI presents automatic machines which improve productivity and quality

With the concept of “Juki Smart Solutions – Innovation with our Best Global Support – (JUKI globally supports you with smartification of your factories)”. Products displayed included automatic machines which improve productivity and quality, state-of-the-art industrial sewing machines incorporating highly advanced automatization technologies which complement manual work, and peripheral products which are not used for sewing. In addition, the latest lineup of digital sewing systems that enables creation and reproduction of any stitching as desired, as well as a practical example of systematization of sewing workshops. With respect to household sewing machines, the booth displays the sewing machines taking advantage of Juki’s strength featuring new products.

AMS-251 < 1-needle CNC sewing machine (head turning type)
With its machine-head turning mechanism, this sewing machine achieves improved and uniform seam quality regardless of the sewing direction. With this capability, this sewing machine meets the needs of various industries. The sewing machine is best-suited to sewing decorative stitches on car seats, luxury bags and school bags as well as to sewing large products such as air bags which do not permit irregular stitches. The knife needle that is used for sewing leather can be used, thereby satisfying required quality.

DDL-9000CFMS < Direct-drive, high-speed sewing system with automatic thread trimmer (full-digital type)
The DDL-9000CFMS is the lockstitch machine with thread trimmer which digitalizes functions which determine “seam” quality and facilitates data transfer by utilizing IoT technology. Since the vertical and horizontal feed mechanisms are digitalized, optimum adjustments of sewing, on a material-by-material basis, can be achieved only by setting data through the operation panel. The pieces sewing data that are best suited to diversified materials can be stored in memory on a material-by-material basis. In addition, the relevant data can be easily reproduced as desired when sewing under the same condition.

MF-7913DRH24E56 / UT56 / MC37 (Digital feed / hemming type)
The MF-7913DRH24E56 is best-suited to hemming process of tubular sections of T-shirts and polo shirts. This coverstitch machine prevents problems, such as twist of fabric, uneven material feed, skew of texture grain and stitch gathering on multi-layered sections of material, which are likely to occur when sewing newlydeveloped elastic materials, thereby achieving stable seam quality. The digital type top feed mechanism smoothly and consistently feeds the material straight, thereby preventing wobbling of material. When comparing with the bottom and variable-top feed mechanism, the digital type top feed mechanism does not leave damages and marks on the material even when a light-weight material is used.

PS-700 / BK -7 < Pattern seamer (1,200 mm (width) x 700 mm (length)
The PS-700 is Juki’s first large pattern seamer which is provided with the active tension system to control the needle thread tension and achieves the industry’s highest jump speed of 800 mm/s. It is able to flexibly carry out sewing of large patterns and is able to perform quilting and run stitching of down jackets and winter sportswear in a single sewing sequence only with single setup. Since this machine has a large sewing area, frequency of bobbin thread changing increases. To solve the inconvenience of frequent bobbin thread changing, the bobbin changer (BK-7) is available. With the bobbin changer, productivity is further increased.

TL-2200QVP 5-feed standup < Long arm sewing machine exclusively for quilting with automatic thread trimmer

The TL-2200QVP is a large sewing machine exclusively developed for quilting that joins patchwork fabric and cotton. In comparison with the standard household sewing machines, the length of arm of the TL-2200QVP is twice or more. With this long arm, a large handicraft can be quickly finished without folding the fabric. In addition, thanks to its improved operability, beautiful decorative stitches can be sewn on handicrafts with ease.

Siruba presents products from six major areas

In CISMA 2017, Siruba displayed products from 6 areas: Overlock Series, Interlock Series, Jeans Application, Underwear Application, New Concept Area, and Knits Sewing Automation.Given are some of its latest machines:

Overlock series

Brand new 700L overlock machine is based on the direction of “Performance First” was launched in Q3 of 2017. In pursuit of the production precision, 700L has a big lift of the core sewing performance, which the excellent thread-tension control and material feeding realize the perfect sewing quality. With the coherence between mechanism and electronics, Direct-drive type 700LD series has the speed of 7500 RPM to realize high efficiency, and the extended functions of sensor-cutter, auto back latch, and anti-curly edge…, etc. with the brand new high performance sensor.

Interlock series

Brand new C007L cylinder bed interlock machine was launched during the exhibition, which include the subclass as auto thread trimmer, right edge trimmer, left edge trimmer…, etc. With beautiful seaming, new oil stain-free design, it is Siruba’s newest high performance interlock machine.

Jeans application

It introduced jeans overlock to show Siruba’s capability in heavy fabric sewing. New 6-needle double chainstitch waistband sewing machine HF008L has flexible needle gauge combination, and the adjustable angle rear puller. Auto Jeans bottom hemming machine ASL-JBH Series has lockstitch and chainstitch, 2 specifications, to extend the application range. Besides, based on small cylinder bed interlock machine S007K, it had RF hemming model, which is with differential feeding for elastic light jeans fabric.

Underwear application

700KS cylinder bed overlock machine, with ESK device, makes blind hemming easy. Skill is not very necessary when hemming over the overlock seam. Underwear’s elastic tape or lace tape sewing: Overlock has LFD6K feeding device, Interlock has FSC metering device, STC tension control device, which make the sewing operation easier. Underpants elastic waistband: It had C007LD/CR/CX right edge trimmer model with RLP tubular extending roller set. Besides, we have an auto sewing station for the same operation in Knits Sewing Automation Area.

New concept area

It applied new concepts into the common machines. For example: 3-strap attaching multi-needle machine has the presser foot of tape feeding control. Bartacking machine has a compact control panel. Button sewing machine has auto feeding function. Interlock machine’s thread trimmer is powered by stepping motor.

Knits sewing automation

Siruba focuses on knits wear sewing automation. It displayed tubular bottom hemming, 3 kinds of elastic waistband sewing, elastic band joining, and circular collar attaching, etc.

Comprehensive line of equipment for sewn products industry by Eastman

Eastman –C.R.A. (Hong Kong) Ltd. manufacturer of cutting machines, automated cutting systems, material handling equipment and industry specific design software, exhibited at CISMA 2017. At CISMA, the company exhibited the company’s comprehensive line of equipment for the sewn products industry, from front-end material preparation through automatic cutting. The highlight equipment for this year’s demonstration included:

Raptor 75x™ Multi-Ply Cutting System
Raptor 75x™ Multi-Ply Cutting System is an automated reciprocating straight knife cutter, with conveyor, capable of cutting up to 7.5 cm (3 inches) of compressed material. Precise system operations, driven by state-of-the-art motion control communications combine to offer an industry-leading solution for medium- to high-ply cutting of flexible material goods. The systems have been installed at facilities cutting for garments and for industrial fabrics applications like marine, medical and agricultural products.

ES-660 Spreading Machine
ES-660 Spreading Machine is an applicable for both Knit and Woven Fabric. It features a load capacity for rolls up to 120kg in weight, and up to 50cm in diameter. The ES-660 is capable of one-way (face-up) and zigzag (face-to-face) spreading and is available in several widths.

ES-880 Spreading Machine
ES-880 Spreading Machine is an applicable especially for Woven Fabric. It features a load capacity for rolls up to 120kg in weight, and up to 50cm in diameter. The ES- 880 is capable of one-way (face-up) and zigzag (face-to-face) spreading and is available in several widths.

End cutter with Pneumatic Motor – Model EC-3NL-A

End cutter with Pneumatic Motor – Model EC-3NL-A (New) Equipped with Pneumatic Motor and no electric power supply is needed. Cut thick fabric such as Automobile floor Mat or thick curtains.

Manual Cutting Machines

The company’s range of manually-operated fabric cutting and spreading machines were also displayed, configured with the apparel industry in mind. A large range of straight and round knives as well as drills & markers, end cutters and rotary shears highlighted this year’s exhibition.

Bruce new computer sewing machine R5 debut great success

CISMA has been going on for four days with a flood of people, many booths were bustling. Bruce booth was one of them. CISMA launched on September 26th this year, and the birth time of Bruce’s new computerised lockstitch sewing machine R5 was just in time to catch the last express train for CISMA .

Bruce R5 sewing machine hit the world’s longest record of the continuous empty step without any break of thread. Their superior performances attracted the attention of the section world——if you are afraid of skipping, afraid of break, please choose Bruce.

In the exhibition site, Bruce launched the “Bruce sewing world record challenge,” so that visitors can personally experience the stability and operational comfort of R5, even challenge the world record—— Bruce’s computerised lockstitch sewing machine being no thread break for 64.8 mtr by continuous empty steps. In just a few minutes, the number of applicants exceeded the rules of the competition. When competition ended, although no one can break the Bruce’s 64.8 mtr world record, nevertheless, the result also makes people pleased and satisfied. A number of Challenger scores reached more than 40 mtr, and the top record is 46.64 mtr, quite closely to the world record.

Bruce Industrial Sewing Machinery Company was founded in 2006, the company is located in Taizhou City, Zhejiang Province. China. This is the world’s most important production and R&D base of sewing machines. With introduction of most advanced technology and equipment, the company has nearly 100 high precision machining centers and tens of millions of investment of testing equipment, fully guarantee the stability and reliability of products. It is the domestic leading sewing machine manufacturer, products sale are among the top within country, with sailing network covering more than 30 domestic provinces, cities and autonomous regions, the company’s business also enter more than 100 countries and regions of the world.

Shima Seiki exhibits latest cutting-edge technologies

Shima Seiki Mfg., Ltd. exhibited cutting-edge technology. On display was “Shima Cutting Solutions,” a fully integrated cutting system that incorporates the PCAM182 multi-ply computerised cutting machine, P-SPR2-16 fabric spreading machine and P-LAB16 automated labeling machine. In addition, the company introduced new, updated PGM software on its 3D design system SDS-ONE APEX3.

Applications of CAD/CAM systems for supporting areas other than fashion such as automotive and industrial textiles were also shown. APEX3 is also at the core of the company’s “Total Fashion System,” and is capable of realistic simulation that allows for virtual sampling, minimizing the need for costly, time- and resourceconsuming sample-making in a variety of industries such as circular knitting, flat knitting, weaving, pile weaving and printing.

Also featured were be knitwear produced on Shima Seiki’s latest line of computerized knitting machines. The new “i-Plating” option on the SVR SP-type computerized knitting machine, combined with sinker patterns produced with the patented moveable sinker system, as well as inlay patterns using loop pressers, a whole new world of patterning becomes available for truly diverse knit design. Hybrid knit-weave fabrics produced on the SRY-series computerised knitting machine were alsoshown.

Gerber launches Apparel Matching Solution

Industry 4.0, smart factories, digitisation, sustainability and corporate social responsibility – these terms are in the headlines of industry publications every day. Digitisation is a reality, and that’s good news for the fashion industry. Cuttingedge digital design tools that integrate seamlessly with smart machines helped garment manufacturers cut costs by millions of dollars, increase throughput, reduce waste and – most importantly – stay competitive.

That’s the message Gerber Technology delivered at the 2017 CISMA. With the high concentration of apparel manufacturers and brands attending from the Asia Pacific region, Gerber demonstrated how they are different from others and uniquely positioned to help the industry transform. Showing how their Digital Solutions, a full suite of industry leading end-to-end integrated products, are helping companies collaborate and go from initial design to production and shipment with greater speed, quality and visibility throughout the process.

They also launched their new Gerber cutter® Z1 with AutoMatch™ – a stripe, plaid, and 5-star automated matching solution. This new automation solution helped apparel manufacturers automate manual processes to improve quality, increase productivity, shorten cycle times, reduce labour costs and accelerate time to market.

While the fashion industry is known for setting trends, challenging cultural norms and pushing boundaries – it has also been relatively slow to adapt to the changes brought about by social media, a savvier consumer base and the advent of “fast fashion”. But there is a growing body of evidence that this adoption curve is about to shift.

“We look forward to meeting with leaders from all around the world, to support them as they seek to understand how technology can help them solve the key business challenges they are facing as our industry evolves,” said Johnny Wang, Vice President & General Manager of Asia Pacific for Gerber Technology.

The fashion and apparel industry spends billions of dollars each year on physical samples. At CISMA, Gerber highlighted how their AccuMark® 3D can be used to validate patterns and simulate virtual garment samples so realistic that there’s no need for designers to spend the time and money cutting and sewing “real” ones.

Jack participates with Bullmer, MAICA

In the Shanghai New International Expo Center Jack attended the CISMA 2017 exhibition with Bullmer, MAICA three brands which covered an area of 1571 sqrmtr. There were more than 80 new products on the exhibition in the Shanghai New International Expo Centre.

Some of the latest technologies on display were: “Needle feed computerized lockstitch machine A6F”, “Super high speed automatic overlock machine with pneumatic suction device C6”, “High speed computerised cylinder-bed interlock machine K4”, “Electronic bartacking & button attaching machine JK-T1900G/1903G ”, “Programmable electronic large-area pattern sewing machine” and MAICA “Automatic collar & cuff sewing machine UAM03”, “Automatic sleeve placket pressing UAM04,”Bullmer “Laser cutting bed” etc. Which show “Intelligent sewing technology and solution” of Jack.

JK-T1900BSK/1903BSK – Electronic bartacking & button attaching machine

  • One machine, multi functions: JK-T1900BSK/1903BSKB can be converted easily between bar tacking and button attaching, high efficiency and cost saving
    JK-T1904B: Specially designed and suitable for different size of elasticcord.
    JKT1906B: Suitable for non-woven bag, shopping bag, Velcro, shoes, luggage and so on bar tacking and decoration sewing
    JK-T1906B: Suitable for non-woven bag, shopping bag, Velcro, shoes, luggage and so on bar tacking and decoration sewing
  • Operation panel, easy to operate: Key panel and touchable panel are optional.
  • Super heavy duty can be sewing smoothly: 13-14 layers of jeans fabric can be sewing smoothly.
  • Semi-dry design, clean production: Semi-dry head and upper shaft system ensure the cleaning and smoothly sewing.
  • New design cover, more widely application: Shuttle Hook cover is mid-concaved design, small size fabric also easy to feed Part of the 100 bar tacking patterns Part of the 50 button attaching patterns

UAM 03 Collars and Cuff Sewing

The UAM 03 is a machine for sewing collars and cuffs, completed with a MAICA lock stitch sewing machine, with sewn cuff trimming.

It is a totally electronic controlled unit managed by software that allows the sewing of any type of stitch with automatic size changing. To change the model simply replace the low cost and easily made fabric holding plates. Collar and cuff trimming is performed separately from the sewing phase: A different cut can be made, compared to the stitching.

K4-UT – Cylinder-bed high speed computerised

  • Suitable for both heavy and light fabrics, beautiful stitches: Wider sewing range, suitable for heavy and light fabrics, smooth passing, no deformation
  • Voice reminder, easy to learn and use: Detailed voice reminder, scientific voice guide. Users can solve problems with the help of this function. With one key to reset function
  • Oil proof, higher qualified products rate: Needle bar, feed dog and slide bar are all smooth and oil tight. No fabric stains. Higher qualified products rate
  • Automatic trimmer, save labour and thread: Easy to operate, learn and use. Fast adaptation. No need of manual cutting, Production efficiency increased by 40 per cent

Golden Laser showcases latest laser machines

Golden Laser took latest laser machines to CISMA – JMC series high speed & high precision laser cutter, high speed Galvo & gantry laser perforation system, CAD Vision scanning laser cutting system, CAM Camera registration laser cutter, laser cutting machine for digital printed adhesive labels and lace laser cutting machine for warp lace.

Smart sewing technology and solutions
Golden Laser Smart digital laser application solutions shined at the scene of the exhibition. How to make laser application more intelligent?: Laser processing application is widely, with advantages of high precision machining, low energy consumption, saving materials and good effect. With the market changing, the concept of intelligent manufacturing and flexible production deepening, the traditional production workshop will gradually convert to the intelligent workshop.

Golden Laser around the forefront of the laser application requirements, with more than 10 years of industry precipitation and advanced technology accumulation, with strong technical strength and capital strength, in this CISMA sewing machinery and equipment exhibition grand displayed “clothing & garment accessories laser processing solutions”, “industrial flexible materials laser processing solutions”, “digital printing materials laser processing solutions”, ” denim and home textile laser processing solutions”, “leather and shoe laser processing solutions“, to promote intelligent workshop, boost the traditional manufacturing to industrial 4.0 manufacturing transformation.

Golden Laser intelligent workshop laser processing management system
Golden Laser intelligent workshop laser processing management system, according to the customer’s demand for intelligent manufacturing, equipped with order management, process monitoring, capacity budget, automatic detection and other intelligent modules, the formation of high intelligence and efficient intelligent laser processing system. Data connected via the Internet and Internet of things technology, from receiving orders to the field of production real-time data tracking, collection, integration and analysis, real-time adjustment to optimize production plan.

  • Intelligent high-end laser equipment: In the flexible material laser processing equipment development, through in-depth sub-industry users of intelligent equipment automation needs, developed a fully automatic intelligent lace laser cutting system launched.
  • Automatic intelligent lace laser cutting system: In the apparel industry, Golden Laser launched a high-speed laser cutting machine for high-end customers to improve cutting efficiency, also for customers to save every inch of expensive materials.
  • High speed CO2 flatbed laser cutting machine: In the field of digital printing, printed sportswear automatic dynamic scanning laser cutting system, high precision MARKER point visual laser cutting system, high efficiency asynchronous double head large format visual cutting laser equipment to meet the different applications of customers.
  • Automatic dynamic scanning laser cutting system
  • High precision MARKER point visual laser cutting system

Digital is now! Human Solutions

Human Solutions showcased its solutions for the entire apparel industry process chain at the CISMA. The company presented itself as a partner for digitization. Digital is now – digitisation is driving the fashion industry to initiate change and the Human Solutions Group has the ideal software solutions for the entire process chain, from the initial idea to the store.

Body scanning – also a topic for corporate fashion

In addition to its solutions for design, Human Solutions also demonstrated how the human body can be optimally integrated into product development. At the booth, trade fair visitors can have themselves scanned in 3D by the VITUS bodyscan colour scanner in just a few seconds. “Human Solutions was the first company to use body scanning for the manufacture of tailored clothing in the apparel industry,” says Dr. Helga Gäbel, 3D Body Scanner Sales at Human Solutions. “We have continuously expanded our expertise in this field and are now introducing body scanning for corporate fashion and workwear.” Human Solutions also presented the Virtual Mirror. It visualizes and simulates individualized clothing on the body, enabling it to be tailored to the needs of the customer before production starts.

Threadsol launches Intellocut V2 for apparel industry

ThreadSol, the technology leader in material management solutions for the apparel launched their flagship product IntelloCut, Version 2.0. IntelloCut Version2 is world’s first artificial intelligence based system in the apparel industry that helps in planning quicker and saving fabric for apparel manufacturers – resulting in millions of dollars in profit.

This thriving need of the industry for a credible and intelligent product which reduces the biggest costs in manufacturing: labour and fabric cost. It is very smartly accomplished by intelloCut which encompasses some very exclusive benefits for the global apparel industry.

“I think that automation will be an important tool for the burgeoning reshoring movement by helping domestic manufacturing factories compete with offshore factories’ lower labour costs. When automation becomes a competitive alternative, a big part of its appeal will be how many headaches it relieves for the industry,” adds Kundan Sengupta, Senior Partner, ThreadSol.

ThreadSol has partnered with the large manufacturers including HS Fashions, Jiaxing New Rimei, Tomwell in China, Crystal Martin Brandix, MAS, Hirdaramani in SriLanka, Urmi, Bimexco, Fakri, Epic in Bangladesh, PAN Brothers, Metro Group in Indonesia, Luenthai, Saitex, Dewhirst in Vietnam, and many more from these regions. The solutions have helped them reduce their wastage to less than 1 per cent. Keeping up with the evolving times of technology, ThreadSol’s outlook is to introduce technologically-driven products to propel manufacturing by reducing material cost. The garment business is extremely competitive, but manufacturers can position themselves for breakthrough profits and improved customer service by focusing on managing material cost.

Macpi presents latest ironing and stitch-free technology

Macpi is present on the Chinese market for 30 years and can count on a large number of satisfied customers which keep selecting Macpi machines for several reasons including reliability, product quality and first class after-sales service. This year Macpi is celebrating 15 years of activity at its Shanghai’s production site which has seen a strong increase in production volumes in the last few years, guaranteeing always a high quality standard that distinguishes the Italian group.

The company is also present with its own branch office in southern China in Changpin – Dongguan where a highly trained and expert team meets perfectly the growing demands of technology covering a vast area. In addition, through its historic India branch in Bangalore, MACPI is able to satisfy and support service to a wide area in Far East, from Bangladesh to Indonesia, always guaranteeing an excellent and timely service. At CISMA, on an area covering more than 400 sqm Macpi exhibited the latest ironing and stitch-free technology.

By now, Macpi operates in many different sectors such as apparel and accessories, and thanks to the complete range of machineries enable the company to find solutions to every need and develop important and successful projects with its customers. The booth was split by type of products with areas dedicated to jacket, shirt and pants ironing, and it represented the most cuttingedge technologies that can meet the growing demand for automation, integration and connectivity. It also showed our latest the thermo-fusing technology and the model 320 for the ironing of stretch jeans. In addition, a specific area was dedicated to the growing sector of stitch-free technology which finds Macpi as major market leader, either for high quality of machines and for the ability to develop full projects in collaboration with the main adhesives suppliers. This is an added value to any potential end-users because can prevent useless issues and meet the most difficult demands.

Therefore, the complete range of machines combined with deep process knowhow guarantees to the customer an excellent and winning result, essential for the worldwide leading companies working with long-term vision like Macpi. It was also available to a large lounge where visitors had a seat and relax talking with its Team which focused to better illustrate Macpi technology and Group structure. In short, business but also collaboration and exclusive services.