After the successful launch of the ColorJet TXF digital textile printer at FESPA Hamburg, Germany in May 2017, ColorJet India Ltd, India’s largest manufacturer of digital printers will now showcase the TXF at the Heimtextil exhibition which runs June 20-22, 2017 at PragatiMaidan in New Delhi.

ColorJet will showcase the live demonstration of home textile printing on products like bedsheets, pillow cover, curtains, table covers, etc. on TXF. ColorJet has manufactured the digital printer incorporating the latest Japanese technology, which imparts the printer with the power to print brilliantly and flawlessly, with reduced maintenance.

Following the launch at FESPA Hamburg, ColorJet India has now started shipping the TXF digital printer to printers in the European, including the UK market. The TXF printer which is equipped with Epson printheads gives variable dot control for achieving smooth gradations and is also belt driven, which makes it suitable for printing fabrics including bulky textured materials, thinner fabrics and also stretchable fabric materials such as knits.

The digital printer is apt for printing with pigment inks which can print practically on any type of fabric including polyester, cotton, silk, viscose, rayon or wool. Pigment printing has an advantage as the fabric does not necessarily require pre- or post-treatment, thereby saving on production times and reducing water pollution.

The TXF is also available to work with reactive inks for printing onto natural fabrics and also disperse inks for printing onto polyester fabrics. The printer offers speeds of up to 24 sqmtr per hour with pigment Inks. The printer can achieve print resolutions of up to 1,440dpi.

“ColorJet introduced this digital textile printer, primarily for home textile applications and fashion designers. Since the printer is apt for printing with all inks, whether pigment, reactive or disperse, all types of fabrics, including polyester, cotton, silk, viscose, rayon or wool can be printed which opens huge avenues for different applications,” SmarthBansal, Senior Product Manager at ColorJet India Ltd informed.