Crea Solution is an Italian leader company specialised in providing software, services and IT consulting services that provides solutions exclusively dedicated to fashion, luxury goods and soft materials industry both in production & sales areas with 2D, 3D CAD CAM technologies, Made to Measure, PLM, and in RETAIL with solutions for Visual Merchandising and E-Commerce.

Create™ the pattern making suite & 3D design

Create™ is the new generation 2D CAD system to create and modify pattern models and is deeply integrated with our 3D CAD to get efficiency in the whole production process.


It is an innovative software that improves and simplifies pattern model creation. Create™ eases the designer’s every day work with intuitive features and tools that speed up the design process in a fast and more efficient way. Simplifies internal features like notches, buttons and drill holes. Provided with Expander©, a fast tool for pattern size grading. Provided with a wide range of convertor in order to communicate with other CAD and export to plotters and cutters.

Lotta™ + V Stitcher ™

This revolutionary software transform 2D pattern model into realistic 3D clothes. It allows a reduction of time to market by 30 per cent, it boosts the production by 40 per cent cutting down prototyping and gives efficiency to all the production process.

Creafit™ integrated made to measure automation? Now it’s possible

Creafit™ is actually the best automate solution to realise MTM garments. Creafit™ takes in charge a MTM Garment in the whole Value Chain: From order to delivery. Creafit™ is easy integrated with e-commerce or company portals. The order will be collect in a powerful DB, that sends it automatically to all the company network: Sales area (CRM), management area (ERP), from logistic to storage (MRP), Pattern Area (CAD), where will be independently processed, modifying the style, and generate markers by materials and fabric characteristics: plain fabric, stripe, plaid in automatic way applying quality rules. The platform is now ready for cutting process, where with the support of accurate and efficient system to read fabric placed on the Zund-Crea bridge machine, will be possible to detect the normal bow and replace the pieces before the cutting. Actually the time for the complete process, except cutting, is around 2 minutes for each garment using Creafit™ Solution.

Match™ Print or Cut stripe or patterned fabric fully Automatic

Match™ a complete autovision suite for your different plaid, stripe and printed fabric. If you use Printed Fabric you can redesign your design process from cad to nesting; Do you need to be perfect positioning of your pattern pieces on printed fabric? You can find a complete suite of tool included on Create™ and Clichè™ and you can quickly and easily determine where each piece of a style pattern should be placed on the printed fabric to achieve the desired effect in the finished garment. If you have also plaid and stripe fabric inside in our tools you have many instruments for positioning your pattern perfectly.

After that you can cut this printed fabric, patterned, motive printed, plaid or by stripe. When you need to cut exactly are by far not regular in the cause of a fabric roll. Distortion can run straight line to a curve; the repeat size of pattern varies within the roll. The nesting needs information of the actual status of the pattern with its distortions and irregularities. Manually or with the actual systems you have many losing situation such as; time of production, unreadable load-fabric, pre-operation, finishing operation after cut, many people involved, low productivity.