Custom motorcycle brand El Solitario launches its own motorcycle denim line using world’s strongest, lightest fibre. Comprised of 62 per cent Dyneema®, these garments were recently tested during a motorcycle trek across the Sahara – an odyssey covered as an episode, Desert Wolves, in the new feature-length documentary Oil in the Blood. This episode will have its premiere at this week’s Wheel and Waves festival in France.

El Solitario – the cheeky but stylish Spanish custom motorcycle company – curated a collaboration programme to develop vehicles, equipment and garments for a trek across Africa’s Saharan Desert. Partners included brands such as Harley-Davidson, YAMA Mountain Gear, Tudor Watches, Alpha Industries, Shoei, Kriega and DSM Dyneema.

Dyneema® formed the key ingredient for several of the resulting products. Fifteen times stronger than steel yet floats on water, Dyneema®fibre has long been used to moor oilrigs, sail ships, stop bullets and repair human ligaments. As a fabric component, Dyneema® is currently spearheading a small revolution in the protective sports apparel industry. Besides offering unparalleled protection and comfort, Dyneema®’s thermal conductivity means that your skin will stay cool and dry in the sweatiest of conditions.

The El Solitario ES-1 Protective Jeans with 62 per cent Dyneema® (€550) are virtually indestructible. The denim is capable of passing the CE standard impact abrasion test EN13595 – offering protection for over 4 second of slide time – while still aging like regular denim. Offering similar protection and a dark sense of style, the El Solitario Protective Coverall with Dyneema® (€1,100) comes enhanced with padding in the knees, shoulders and neck.Dyneema® Composite fabric was also implemented within the Desert Wolves project as the main component for a tent developed by YAMA Mountain Gear and a bag by Kriega.

The desert adventure was filmed as part of the full-length documentary, Oil in the Blood, which was produced by the award-winning British film company MoliFilms and directed by Gareth Maxwell Roberts (Faster, Faster, Kill, Kill). The Desert Wolves section will premier at the Wheels & Waves festival before the full film is released to theatres later this year.