Epson’s third annual Epson Digital Couture Project event was recently held in the US to provide a visual representation of how Epson’s digital printing technologies impact the fashion and textile industry. The fashion presentation built around the theme ‘Textile Stories’, showcased designer collections created using Epson digital printing technology.

Collections of 13 design teams from North and Latin America were presented at the event. Held in New York’s Chelsea neighborhood, the event attracted elite artists from the fashion industry, celebrities, socialites, and leading members of the press. The Epson Digital Couture Project showcased the limitless designs made possible by Epson textile printing technology through the featured collections of Vanesa Krongold, Lindsay Degen, Sarah Richards, Daniel Barreira, Sarah Stevenson, Ricardo Pava and many more.

Prior to the event, Epson had also hosted a Fashion and Technology Forum where Epson’s global president, Minoru Usui, outlined Epson’s continued vision for the role that digital technology will play in fashion. A panel of fashion and apparel industry experts discussed market trends and technology’s role in fashion.