eurolaser GmbH designs, develops and produces innovative laser systems for material machining in industry and craftwork. With a multiplicity of potential uses, the Lüneburgbased company has established a position showing the way ahead for new and established laser applications in many sectors of industry and belongs to the world’s leading manufacturers of automatic laser cutting machines.

Laser Cutter XL-3200

The CO2 laser machine XL-3200 with a processing area of 2,270 x 3,200 mm (89.4″ x 126″) is the largest model of the XL series. The huge dimensions allow the processing of big-size acrylic plates. The high acceleration of the optical head releasing the laser beam assures best efficiency even on this table size.

Laser Cutter L-3200

By using this machine, wood can perfectly be cut and engraved. This CO2 laser machine is one of the largest among the eurolaser series and is available with many optional features. An ideal machine size for all applications requiring plenty of space. Laser power: 60 to 600 watt.

Laser Cutter M-800 + Shuttle

The laser cutting system M-800 is well-prepared for all applications in the fields of laser cutting of foils and membrane switches. A special feature is the optional shuttle table system which almost doubles your productivity, enabling you to hold all the aces even with a “smaller” laser cutting system. Type of laser: CO2 laser; Processing area: 1,330 mm x 750 mm; Laser power: 60 to 400 watt.