The Garment Manufacturers Association in Cambodia (GMAC) has opened its first garments manufacturing training institute in the country. This is an initiative to increase the productivity of the garment manufacturing units by improving skills of its workers through training. Further, the institution will also increase the scope of employment.

Initially, over 160 workers from 14 factories from various parts of the country will be imparted training at the Cambodian Garment Training Institute, according to a report. Singapore-based fashion institute International will impart technical knowledge to the students at the institute. Apart from training the garment workers, the institution will offer courses for high school and university students. Three different diploma programmes will be offered at the institute which also gives 27 short term courses that will also focus on manufacturing skills.

“These courses are based on the jobs that are lacking the most in the industry,” said Andrew Tey, the institute’s Director. The institute offers ‘Train and Place’ programme that will give employment to the students and workers as management trainees at the garment factories. With over 700,000 workers, garments manufacturing industry is currently the largest formal private sector in Cambodia. Compared to 2015, there was 2.9 per cent decline in the number of workers in 2016, according to the sixth edition of the ILO’s Cambodian bulletin.