Groz-Beckert will be at the Techtextil presenting its comprehensive product portfolio and service offering in the areas of Knitting, Weaving, Felting,Carding and Sewing. In Knitting, Groz-Beckert is presenting its product portfolio for the technologies circular knitting, warp knitting and flat knitting, as well as customer-specific solutions. With system solutions from a single source, the company is responding to more stringent requirements for wear, load capacity of key components and the workability of different materials. Increased market penetration in warp knitting and the processing of materials such as metal and glass-fibre in flat-knitting mills call for custom-tailored solutions.

The Weaving department is presenting its comprehensive range of products for weaving preparation and weaving accessories at the Techtextil. A highlight of the portfolio is the PosiLeno® leno system, which boosts efficiency by up to 100 per cent. Moreover, an acrylic weaving machine mockup, the WeavingLoom, will provide insight into the operation of heald frames, healds, warp stop motions and drop wires. The jacquard heald is also demonstrated using the WeavingLoom. Made of mono wire, this product facilitates not only high densities but also a particularly gentle workmanship. In combination with the innovative thread eye, which is glued into the mono wire instead of welded, Groz- Beckert provides for uniform fabric quality and high machine efficiency.

Presenting the Quality Management INH (Ideal Needle Handling) at this year’s Techtextil, the area of Sewing is waving the banner of process optimisation. The patented process provides support in the handling of sewing machine needles during the entire sewing operation and has recently alsobeen offering a digital solution to document needle breakage: the Smart INH. The documentation system consists of two pieces of software, a mobile app and a browser, thereby facilitating the digital saving and storage of data sets as potential evidence. The Mobile Lab will be another Sewing highlight. It allows material samples to be examined and analysed directly at the Groz-Beckert booth.