The textile industry of the city of Ahmedabad in the State of Gujarat in India dates back to the 19th century. Gujarat is known as “Textile State of India” & “Manchester of the East” & “Denim Capital of India.” The State is a leader in textiles with more than 1,500 medium and large textile units. Its textile market is estimated to be around $25 bn by the end of 2017. Gujarat Textile Industry contributes 25 per cent to the country’s manufacturing sector, contributes 12 per cent to the country’s textile exports and has highest number of medium and large textile processing houses (over 600). It is the largest producer of denim (65 per cent) in the country and 3rd largest in the world, with a billion metre capacity. In all, Ahmedabad today is emerging as a preferred destination for sourcing garments from all over India.

The current supply and demand factors provide very conducive and favourable business and market environment for the technological investment. In such scenario, there is a big need to the Ahmadabad textile industry to upgrade itself with the latest technological developments taking place worldwide. That is why for providing these technologies under one roof Garment Technology Expo was organised in Ahmedabad recently.

The Ahmedabad edition of GTE 2017 took place from August 18-20, 2017 at the Ahmedabad Education Society Ground on Drive-In Road, Ahmedabad. The show was inaugurated by Ravi Poddar, President, Garment Exporters Association of Rajasthan (GEAR) and Aarpan Shah, Senior Vice President, The Gujarat Garment Manufacturers Association (GGMA) in the presence of members from both the associations along with exhibitors of the show.

“Ahmedabad is emerging as a preferred destination to source readymade garments from all over India. Ahmedabad which was always known as a textile hub is now also emerging as an apparel manufacturing hub,” Ricky Sahni, Joint Managing Director at Garment Technology Expo Pvt. Ltd. (GTE) said.

“We feel proud in hosting the silver jubilee edition of GTE in Ahmedabad. Building on the success of the previous 24 editions, we offer our full assurance that buyers, will return home satisfied as they will be able to see the latest in apparel, knitting and printing technologies,” Sahni added.

The show’s silver jubilee edition witnessed around 260 exhibiting companies and brands showcasing a rich mix of technologies in apparel manufacturing, knitting and printing. The trade show saw renowned Indian and international companies from across the textile and apparel value chain exhibiting like, IIGM, HCA, Ramsons, Magnum, E.H. Turel, Tukatech, Mehala, ALT, Dhaval (DCC), Colojet, Sterling Creation, Jingcheng, Peayush, Golden Laser, Binary, Ketan Enterprises, Paramount Instruments, Studio Next, Stitchman, Unix, Mahaveer, etc.

Technologies on show included, CAD/CAM, sewing machines, embroidery machines, digital textile printing, laundry machines, quilting machines, fusing machines, finishing equipment, spreading & cutting machines, printing & packaging machines, dyeing machines, testing equipment, software solutions, spares & attachments, fabrics, fancy yarns accessories & trims, support services etc.

All in all, GTE established itself as a must-visit destination for buyers from the textile and apparel industry in the region. The 25th edition of GTE, witnessed 7,624 visitors walking through its gates from all over Gujarat mainly Ahmedabad, Surat and Rajasthan region.

The show was rated satisfactory by most of the exhibitors participating in the same. Both in terms of organisation and buyers footfall (Quality and quantity wise) the show went well. The three-day exhibition played a major role in helping the apparel and textile industry of Gujarat and Rajasthan in updating themselves about the latest technological developments in this segment as this was the biggest such exhibition organised in Ahmedabad in last few years. The infrastructure wise and facilities provided were at par with New Delhi edition. Moreover, looking at exhibitors and visitors comfort, the organisers made special arrangements for air cooling systems for better comfort of the participants. All these initiatives were very well applauded by the attendees.

Toshiyuki Yamanaka Managing Director Juki India Pvt. Ltd.

For the first time a major exhibition is taking place in Ahmedabad, which gives quite a good impression to customers based in this area. Originally this market is very famous for fabrics and has a lot of factories for jeans, trousers etc. to whom we are selling our products already. Besides, all major automobile brands are setting up their plants here so we are targeting those customers also. The market for us last year was reasonably good. We already have our branch office here so have direct contact with the customers.

We target to achieve better results this year compared to 2014-15 as at the end of 2016 few problems started which continued for twothree months. In all, GTE Ahmedabad is quite well organised, and we may have to consider for its next edition.


Janos Horvath Vice President – International Sales Wilcom International Pty Ltd

Having a show in Ahmedabad was interesting for us. Though we have participated in their Delhi edition so many times with IIGM but this was like a test case for us. The show’s impression is good; of course Ahmedabad edition is smaller. There are customers coming from Ahmedabad and outside like Surat also. So, we are happy with the response. Wilcom is the most popular embroidery digitization software so because of that we have 90-95 per cent market share. We have been working in India for 22 years. Ahmedabad has thousands of embroidery customers; hence we had some very serious discussions here. Our company’s representative Western India Marketing Company is seriously operating in this region for last three years. We are aiming at sarees markers, dress makers and other areas of embroidery application. We have taken good steps in last three years but still a lot to grow.


Akshay Sharma CEO, Magnum Resources Pvt. Ltd.

We are one of the best technology suppliers for garment industry, so always try and bring something innovative for our customers. For last so many years we’ve been associated with GTE, and have always participated in their New Delhi edition. This is their 1st exhibition in Ahmedabad, where we have displayed our entire range of garment manufacturing solutions including Brother S7300, Automatic pocket setter unit and Belt loop setter units by SIP Italy, and Jeans manufacturing solutions from Rotondi. The S7300 is called Digiflex feed which is completely digitised for production management. So, all the machines are connecting with wi-fi on a system to monitor real time performance. For all these technologies, we got remarkable response from our existing and many new customers visiting us at the show.


Anil Anand Director, Hari Chand Anand & Co.

This is for the first time we are participating in any exhibition in Ahmedabad. With good raw material base already existing in Ahmedabad, I see a very bright future for garment exports as the city is already having good no. of factories making garments for the domestic market. For our company, it is a new market, but we have received very good response for our products through this show. Especially, our automatic line for jeans manufacturing has received encouraging feedback from customers.

Team GTE has put up a very good show in terms of infrastructure and ambiance. I am sure in next edition it will have more no. of participants and visitors.


Madhu Kapoor Managing Director Apparel & Leather Technics Pvt. Ltd.

We have come here with the concept of R&D. We are not here for business and just giving catalogues. We are asking our client companies’ technical people to come, sit, try and find solutions through the machines displayed at our stall. It’s so important for us that people are coming here and finding solutions to their problems. Every time we come to GTE, we never display anything that was displayed in the last show. All the equipment displayed here are our latest innovations as R&D is the heart of our company. Overall, response here has been excellent as we get to meet people from all over Gujarat. Gujarat is the largest producer of raw material so shouldn’t they be the largest manufacturer of finished goods? The market is going to be the future. The recent decisions taken by the govt. like demonetization and GST are perfect combination for boosting the growth of our industry.

Neville Turel Director E. H. Turel & Company

Ahmedabad is an upcoming market. Footfall here has not been very good in numbers, but quality wise it was OK. The show is rather at mediocre level as customer turnaround is on the low side when compared to GTE New Delhi. You always have a benchmark to compare, for us it’s been little low, but an introduction into the new market. We have been working in Ahmedabad through our head office in Mumbai but we need to have a stronger presence over here. That’s why we have set-up our own office here.

We see good opportunities coming our way once the GST issue stabilizes. We hope the market moves more towards automatic and automated machineries. Ahmedabad has always been a very strong yarn and fabric hub and can become a very strong garmenting center in future. But most of the companies who visited here are small and unorganised. The large part of this market caters to jeans and that is where we have strong products line solution for them.

Vishal Sher Managing Director Studio Next Technology (P) Ltd

It’s always good to have a platform like GTE in a smaller city like Ahmedabad. This is a booming market so I think a lot of small players are now getting adapted to new technologies.

In that way it’s a good initiative. Ahmedabad has a strong fabricmanufacturing base, and now all these companies are diversifying into garmenting. We came across couple of customers who are into weaving and processing and now want to get into garmenting. Besides, it’s a major hub for denim fabric and garment, in fact every third customer is a denim manufacturer. This market is emerging and people are accepting certain level of technologies. Here we have introduced our new made in India manual fabric spreader and kept a pricing of one-and-half lakh rupees, so people are really excited to see this technology at this price. It will help in increasing the cutting room efficiency. It can double up the efficiency and reduce some manpower also at a very nominal price.

Manjit Singh Saini CEO & Executive Director Paramount Instruments Pvt Ltd

Our company has performed very well in last six months especially because of Ahmedabad and Surat. In last six months we might have set more than 20 labs here and so many new projects have come. After GST our machines have become cheaper so that advantage is shifted to the clients. We have a good base of customers here and it was a good opportunity to meet them. Hence after two years we are participating in GTE. We keep on innovating, hence are showcasing our wide range of latest products.

We have got some very good enquiries from the labs, so for us it’s an excellent show. We are setting up laboratories for denims, for which Ahmedabad has a very big base. The customers here are very serious and straightforward about doing business. For us the market in Surat and Ahmedabad has a very promising future.

Rajeev Pillai General Manager-India Pegasus Sewing Machine Pte Ltd

The show is OK and for the first time I am attending it. We are already operating in this market and did well in last one year. The market especially knits and denims segments are growing at a good pace in Ahmedabad. Our business is also growing in this region and we foresee good future here.

We have a lot of new innovations but that have not been displayed here. We have chain stitch machines, basically are the total solutions providers in chain stich segment. We have some specialized solutions for knits, undergarments, nightwear and denims also. The show is well organised, and arrangements are also very nice. We got some reasonable enquiries and will definitely be participating in its next edition.


Parthiv Panchal Regional Head – South East Asia (Apparel Division), Ramsons Garment Finishing Equipments Pvt Ltd

In past seven years, for the first time, we are witnessing an exhibition, which is good in terms of technologies and machineries, being organised. We had good number of people visiting, who are very excited to see our technology. From Ramsons we have presented Go green over here, which we have already supplied in Ahmedabad. Today, everybody is concerned about sustainability and water consumption, so we are focusing on that. We have Conveyorised dryer which can save energy by almost 70-80 per cent.

There are few good enquiries, which will be finalised in passing few days. Right now Ahmedabad is not about expansion or new projects, but upgradation. We are doing well because we are focusing on upgrading the technologies. However, for past six months we are witnessing a new trend of some good projects coming up.

Victor Xu International Trade Dept. South Asia Sales Manager, Zhejiang Gemsy Mechanical & Electrical Co., Ltd.

This is for the first time we have come to Ahmedabad for an exhibition. Throughout the show, we got good feedback from the customers visiting our stall. They were very interested in automated labour saving machines. India is a very potential market in the world just like what Ahmedabad is for India. Zhejiang Gemsy has shifted its sales strategy to the quality machine. So, we are here for the customers looking for good quality automatic machines.

Here we have displayed our basic machines but in CISMA next month will be launching several new models. Initially we had competition with the price and now its quality. We are happy with the response we have received at this show. Regarding the sales we will have to see what happens after the show. But we may participate in GTE Ahmedabad’s next edition also.


Field Tian Overseas Marketing Center (Regional Sales Manager) Zoje Sewing Machine Co. Ltd.

Ahmedabad is a very important market and already our agent Magnum Resources has done some sales here. We started focusing on India some time back so will slowly be taking steps to increase our market share. After GST sewing machines prices have gone down so it will be good for our business. Here we are displaying our existing range, and doing business promotion. We will be presenting our latest machines next month at CISMA China.

We will be participating in more exhibitions all over India, including GTE Bangalore and Delhi editions. At this show we met few very potential customers. This year business is better than last year because it’s booming in Jaipur, Delhi and Mumbai markets. So, 2017 is going better than 2016 in India.


Sanjay Jha Director Unix Stitch Machines Pvt. Ltd.

We are into embroidery machines and I think the show is not promoted much in our segment of the industry. Besides, there is no other exhibitor of our product segment. The customers to whom we have invited are only coming; if there have been more exhibitors from embroidery segment, footfalls could have been better. Mostly the garment manufacturers of cotton menswear are coming. Our focus is more on ladies wear but from that sector not many companies from Ahmedabad have come.

Besides, due to recent GST, flood in Ahmedabad and the show being new to the region, the participation got affected. If in next edition, they try and get big players from embroidery & circular knitting segments then it would be better. We already have our office and doing good business here. Ahmedabad industry has huge scope so it is a very good platform for us. Looking at their first attempt it could be termed good.

Umesh Gaur Executive Vice President – Asia Tukatech Inc.

Tukatech offers award winning 2D and 3D pattern making, design, and manufacturing software designed specifically for garment makers of all sizes and skill levels, as well as garment plotters, and automatic spreaders and cutters for production. The capabilities of our technology remains unparalleled in the fashion industry, and all of our products are offered at affordable prices.

We have very old association with GTE, and they have done a very good job in terms of infrastructure and ambience provided in a temporary structure here. In fact, this was one of the best exhibitions we have ever participated in India. There were many of our existing and new customers visiting our stall and placing the orders.


Vinay Nichani Senior Sales Manager-West Region DCC Print Vision LLP

We are in this business for last 40 years and started digital three years back. We have base in Surat but in Ahmedabad we don’t see any potential for sublimation, but for cotton yes. Our motive at this show is cotton printing i.e. direct printing segment. We were very keen to participate in this show and have received good response here. First day was light but from next day onwards we got decent enquiries. The organisers should work little bit more on the marketing and promotion front to bring more customers.

We have come up with solution called cotton sublimation. Right now sublimation was only available on polyester and polyesters-cotton fabric. So, we have come out with a solution for printing on cotton through sublimation process. This market has lots of potential, so we see a very good business prospects here in future.

Shivalingappa N.G. (Shivu) Director Loiko Global Pvt. Ltd.

This is for first time we are participating in an exhibition in Ahmedabad. We are already having good customers here, but want to increase our share. It is good to have an exhibition being organised here after so many years. At present our company’s major market share is in Southern India but for our products future looks bright in Ahmedabad as they already have textile base and now many companies are getting into garments.

Customer footfall wise this show is really good as we got to meet some serious buyers including people from workwear, home textiles and garment segments here. Overall we are happy, and will definitely be coming in GTE Ahmedabad’s next edition.


Mukesh Kumar Jha Product Sales Manager Apsom Infotex Ltd.

The show has been good as per our expectations. It is satisfactory in terms of hall structure planning, place layout, and organisation. There are many exhibitors who are first timers so it’s a great motivation for the exhibitors as well as organisers. It’s a great opportunity to tie and bond with end customers, brands, exporters, manufacturer that was not provided by any other Organiser before.

We are also presenting our latest innovations in digital textile printing to the customers here. Ahmedabad market is traditionally being a cotton hub but garmenting is also getting strong now. Overall, it was a good opportunity to meet local industry people, educate, showcase and know their future requirements.


Prateek Chowdhary Director Peayush Machineries Pvt. Ltd.

Gujarat is a textile State, and Ahmedabad is already known for cotton fabrics and yarns, so it has huge potential to become next garmenting hub of India. For last so many years, we are into selling multi-head embroidery machines, but now our focus is on adding new products so for the first time we have displayed a laser machine.

Within laser machine series, we are offering various models depending on the applications. As this is for the first time GTE has been organised in Ahmedabad, so visitors footfall wise it is little bit on the low front. But we expect it to grow more next edition as the organisers have made lots of efforts in promoting the same.


B K Thakur General Manager Golden Laser (India) Pvt. Ltd.

With this exhibition, GTE has again started to spread its wings like last year when they organised it in Bangalore, which was quite successful. This time they ventured into Ahmedabad, which is a very good market for garments and textiles. We find the ambience very good, the exhibitors are very friendly and we are happy to be exhibiting here. With a new taxation system in the country,we surely hope to get some good customers here. Ahmedabad is really a good market as far as garment industry is concerned.

We are really looking for some value additions in shirting, denims and also for label engraving and gift items. Overall, we have found GTE as a good platform to exhibit our exclusive products, and market that rigorously for a year and come back again.Here, we have displayed a Vision cut Auto digitiser laser machine system, where without any outline one can print fabrics in roles.

Rajesh Kumar Chief Executive Narinder International

This is for the first time we are participating in such a major show in Ahmedabad. In future it’s going to be the biggest garmenting hub in India. We are already having good orders from this market but have come here at GTE due to our 25 years old association with them, and of course to meet our existing and more new customers. We are displaying our new computerized flat knitting machines with which one can make complete ladies garment without any stitch. This can make Tshirts, scarves, pockets basically any kind of garment.

It can make one T-shirt front panel around 10-12 minutes depending on the design. We are not displaying the machines for sale but to create awareness in the industry about the latest technology development in this segment. Overall, we are satisfied with this exhibition.

Naveen Agarwal Vice President (Sales & Marketing) Keith Electronics Pvt Ltd

We are displaying laser cutting machine, engraving machine along with pattern cutting machine widely used in the garment sector in high fashion segment. Being the first after seven years in Ahmedabad, GTE witnessed average response this time. But Delhi GTE is excellent, so may be being the first show and due to bad weather, footfall got affected this edition.

We met few potential customers at GTE but it’s below our expectations. For us Gujarat is very potential market particularly Ahmedabad and Surat regions. In Ahmedabad market, end-to-end customers are more as compared to the exporters, also many big mills are present along with high potential garment sector here.


Rushiraj Bhai Director Shradhadha Technologies

We are based in Surat, selling fabrics for textile printing. We also sell digital printing and sublimation printing machines. Looking at the current market situation, I think it was a good decision to participate in this show, through which we got good no. of clients and marketed our products well in this region. After coming to Ahmedabad we have realized that this market is very important.

Through this exhibition we are trying to make people aware of the benefits of digital textile printing which has a very bright future ahead. Being labour saving and eco-friendly technology, digital printing machines will be in good demand.


Nipa Majethia Branch Coordinator Target Sign Tech Pvt Ltd

We provide entire digital printing solutions at one place. We have all different machines for printing, and are also authorized dealers of Canon, Rolland. We have oldest to newest innovative technologies to offer. GTE is giving a very good platform and exposure to smallest to biggest companies, and attracting very good footfall.

Throughout the show, apart from local people, we met most of the customers from outside Gujarat. I am very happy with show and would give it nine out of ten because there’s always a chance for improvement. Overall, it’s a very good, having quality footfall and advertised very well.


Ankit Jain Director Neelam Thread Pvt Ltd

This is our first time participation in GTE Ahmedabad. We have come here because we see good prospects in the Gujarat market. Currently, we are looking for a good dealer here. Particularly in the garment industry the future is really good. For last one year it has been growing. Our company is doing well pan India, though market is little slow after GST implementation, but the future looks good.

As compared to Delhi, this exhibition is quite slow. However, looking at their attempts, overall it could be termed OK. We are quite satisfied with the quantity and quality of visitors at our stall. As we have received few good enquiries but will have to wait and see how it materialises in future.


Giri. Ekn Chief-Executive S.S. Trading Inc.

It’s amazing. I never expected this kind of response. People in Ahmedabad and nearby areas are very interested in our kind of machines. They showed lot of interest in our fusing and other technology for shirt manufacturing. Most of them are not aware of this and are really willing to know about the same. May be very soon I would get good business from this region.

Today, RMG business is booming up in Ahemdabad. Entire Indian apparel & textile industry is based on Gujarat. So, I believe there’s huge potential in this Western region hence we are hoping to open our office soon in here. This is for the first time I have come and displayed our products in any exhibition in this region. But it was a good decision that opened our eyes to spread our wings in Ahmedabad region.

Vishal S. Agarwal C.E.O. Onyx Solutions

Our company is a channel partner for Gemini CAD/CAM systems from Romania. It is a software manufacturing company which is into apparel and leather industry. We are already associated with GTE, and have participated in their Delhi edition this year. Ahmedabad is a developing market for us because we already have clients here using our systems.

We wanted to mark our presence so we participated in this show. We are in process and will be closing few good deals soon in Ahmedabad. These days many fabric manufacturers are diverting or getting into the garment manufacturing department. So, that is bit encouraging because for that they need our kind of services. So, things are getting better in Ahmedabad and that is the reason we are here.

Vijay Shah President Stitchman Inc.

We are in industrial sewing business in Ahmedabad for more than 30 years now. We are the authorised agents of Jack Sewing machines for area surrounding Ahmedabad. We are very satisfied with this exhibition, which is well organised. Here we got to meet many of our existing, old and few new customers. Overall for us it was really good.

The industry is doing well for last one year, though after GST it was a little slow but now catching up very fast. The people in this region are very happy with this exhibition as they know that it’s going to help the industry a lot in boosting its growth via technological upgradation.


Anil Dawar Owner Alisia Fabric-O-Land

Responses on day-one and two were not very good but the show had good footfall on day-three. Overall GTE’s Ahmedabad show is organised well and could be termed satisfactory. Here we are displaying wide range of fabrics which are applicable in weddings and kids garments. All these are imported fabrics from China.

We are already having few customers in Ahmedabad and through this show we are trying to increase our customer base. In future Ahmedabad market is expected to grow as the region is already having a strong textile base. Apart from cotton, the companies here now have started making polyester garments also.


Jagadeesh H. Proprietor Amith Garment Services

Normally, GTE is very good in New Delhi. The brand name is already made because oragnisers focus more on visitors quality. So, when visitors flow is there, exhibitors are definitely getting benefitted. Considering our previous experience, we decided to participate in its Ahmedabad edition. Though on day-one it was little slow but after that it was good. Mostly the retailers are visiting, but if some manufactures would have come then could have been better.

Here we have introduced many new products e.g. Power driven swatch cutter, Neck Stretch Gauge etc. Apart from existing, we met a lot of new customers here. I think Gujarat is going to be a promising market in future. After four-five years it will become a major hub for garments also. So, from that angle GTE is a right start as industry will get benefit from various companies participating and vice-a-versa.

Diwakar Mishra National Head Mehta Cad Cam Systems Pvt Ltd

The last garment technology show was organised seven years back in Ahmedabad but that was not successful. GTE has organised it first time here but visitor wise we are little disappointed. They have not created much awareness in the industry hence the good footfall, which was supposed to be here has not been witnessed. Quality and quantity wise not as expected. Our company is performing very well in Ahmedabad market. In terms of sales, we did very well in markets all over India last year.

If we talk about digital printing on garments, definitely Surat is the center for the same. Through after GST it is little slow but will surely pick up within next three months. We are very positive about digital printing’s bright future in Ahmedabad, and will participate again in GTE’s next edition with a hope of it getting better.