Established in the year 1910, HCA is one of the largest sales service corporation of industrial sewing machines and accessories, in the Indian subcontinent. HCA is known as the solution provider to the sewing industry and not just another equipment supply company, and promises to bring the latest and the best technology and, “Making Automation Affordable,” for all and provide all after sales support, be it for service, spares, or technology with the help of strong technical team.

The company recently took the agency of Hikari (Shanghai) Precise Machinery Science & Technology Co.,Ltd., which is one of the world’s largest manufacturing and researching center of industrial sewing machine, also is one of the earliest Chinese enterprise to research and manufacture high -end computerised industrial sewing machines. The companyis located in the Zhu Jin industrial Zone which is the Shanghai first-class industrial park belong to the Yangtze River Delta core economic circle, Hikari is also the leading enterprise in the industrial zone.

Today, HCA is sprawling under the guidance of Anil Anand, an Economics Graduate also the 3rd Generation in this business, who has travelled the world to find and learn about the latest available technology, production techniques, from people companies catering to this field, while also training his next generation into this business.

While speaking over the recent addition to their offerings, Anil Anand, Director, HCA said, “Hikari is one of the largest and best sewing technology providers in China. We have been working with them for last two years for doing test marketing but not as exclusive partners. We were looking for a trusted supplier and they were looking for a trusted partner, so joining hands was a win win situation for both of us. We had given sample machine to some of our customers under test marketing, and got very encouraging feedback for the same. We did test marketing because I do not want to sell in quantity in the beginning. If in quantum any problem occurs tomorrow, then it will not be good. It is not only machine sale but longevity and running of the machine that matters more. Our way of working is totally different from others, so if I have ten products and there is clash I would like to sell what is best. I have my best of customers, who are working with me for generations, so whatever I’ll offer should be the best. I would not like to break their trust and will not offer anything which is not good or value for money.”

“Hikari has wide range of machines and are now coming up in a big way in automatic machines. They were the first one in this world to come up with an automatic overlock machine. We choose them because they are not like other Chinese sewing machine manufactures making basic machine but coming up with automatic sewing solutions. The promoters of the company have technical background and were the first company to introduce intelligent sewing machine. In fact, there are many leading Japanese brands which are all copying Hikari today. So, in all Hikari is a reliable brand for all our customers,” added Anand.

Being a pioneer in this trade, HCA has all the expertise to solve any garmenting problem through wide and varied knowledge in this field and a nation-wide sales and service network, with a team of trained experienced professionals. HCA has over 10 offices and many dealers and re-sellers of machinery around India, catering to various industries such as garments, leather garments, accessories, upholstery, bedding, shoes, furniture, parachute, trampoline, tent manufacturers, surgical equipment, bags, car seat cover manufacturers, ordnance, and many more