Hyosung Creora partnering with Sofileta, a famous fabric company from France specialising in textiles and dyeing, presented fabrics at the world’s largest lingerie and swimwear exhibition “Interfiliere Paris 2017” that was held from July 8 to 10 in Paris, France.

Creora products exhibited by Hyosung at the Interfilere Show are functional spandex products including Creora Fresh, Creora Highclo , Creora Eco-Soft and Creora Colour +. Creora Fresh with the slogan “Stay fresh all day long” is yarn that neutralises substances that cause sweat odour and foot odour. The product is applied mainly to underwear and activewear.

In addition, CreoraHighclo used mainly for swimwear is yarn developed to reduce garment damage caused by chlorine. The product has a slogan “From athletic swimwear to fashion swimwear.” In addition, Creora Colour Plus shows a deeper and brighter colour when dyed, while Creora EcoSoft is a functional spandex material that allows people to feel its softness.

Hyosung is strategically cooperating with Sofileta to approach its European customers, including those in France. Marketing Director Ria Stern of Hyosung Global said that Hyosung has been collaborating with Sofileta since the birth of Creora, and they will continue to maintain partnerships to keep pace with rapid changes in the apparel industry.