Sustainable and eco-friendly fashion is a booming market worldwide and India as a country can contribute in a much bigger way than it is now to that segment, said Designer NanditaMahtani, who is in the industry for over a decade. She added that they have some of the best cottons, khadi and organic fabrics available at their disposal. The main issue is the processes tend to be very expensive. But soon enough, they should be able to find a balance and do their part.

Known for her mastery in luxurious resort wear, Mahtani’s USP lies in her using Indian embroideries subtly translated into feminine western silhouettes and a progressive style acumen shown in fashion shows like Lakme Fashion Week (LFW), Amazon India Fashion Week (AIFW) and Blenders Pride Fashion Tour.

The designer also has an international reach with participation in events like Australia Fashion Week, Colombo Couture Fest and Chivas Fashion Tour. The latest is an association with Mercedes Benz for a Luxe drive where she will showcase her collection.

According to Mahtani, the fashion industry over the years has changed in many ways. The fashion industry was difficult to get in when she started. Today people are more open to experimenting with their styles and standing up for their beliefs and ideology through fashion.Also, initially people were more influenced by the west, but now even India has a great domestic market for export and buyers. In general, globally, smaller countries are exporting fashion all over the world. She also feels that with the availability of so much technology, sky is the limit for the designers nowadays.

With all the tools and resources available today, designing can be very innovative. Educating oneself and being updated has become so easy with the internet and outstanding tutorials. From creating graphics, prints on your desktop to choosing any shade of any colour — everything is a fingertip away.Mahtani has recently come up with her new line White Wash and her fondness for white is the inspiration behind the collection. The main idea behind the line is breathable fabrics like cotton and easy to slip on silhouettes that can be taken from a day to night look with a blink of an eye.