Shared Futures

We live in transformative liquid times, in a multicentric world, aiming for a new free expression, open to the inclusivity of cultures, people, nature and technology, cultivating their contradictions and values. A controversial world marked by insecurity, that we strive to reshape for the better with positivity, enriching creativity for global diversity, regenerating tradition, by enabling people to continuously reinvent themselves, remodelling aesthetic forms and ways of thinking. Directing thoughts towards those exceptional paths that break with past preconceptions and open to the innovative ideas that help change mentalities. The seasonal creative directions for Autumn-Winter 2019-20 explore the dichotomy between nature and technology, as experienced through time. We trust technology but search for reassurance in the human imagination that is full of experience, fantasy, irony. The new aesthetic is a collage that revolutionises epochs and reference points. Confirming the care for the values of sustainability and sense of responsibility in a free, fertile and constructive form of radicalism, projecting us in a new world.