INVISTA Performance Technologies (IPT) and Jiaxing Petrochemical Co., Ltd, a subsidiary of Tongkun Group Co., Ltd, have announced the successful start-up of Jiaxing Petrochemical’s second PTA Line, utilising Invista’s latest P8 technology. The first reaction train reached 100 percent design rate in just 10 days from the first introduction of feedstock.

P8 is the very latest PTA technology platform from INVISTA, representing industry-leading capital productivity, variable cost and environmental footprint. It is the latest demonstration of INVISTA’S 30-year track record in successfully deploying new generations of PTA technology that create competitive advantage for licensees.

At a ceremonial session to celebrate the outstanding achievement, Tongkun Group President Xu expressed his trust in INVISTA’S PTA technology and the capability of its engineers and scientists. He said, “We are pleased to see the successful start-up of our second PTA line and the operations are currently running very well. We recognise that Invista’s P8 technology is a world class PTA technology. And the successful start-up is an outcome of close collaboration between the teams of both companies. We look forward to continuous cooperation in the future.”

“We are honoured that the first deployment of our latest P8 technology has been in partnership with Jiaxing Petrochemical and it is appropriate that they will be rewarded by the superior project returns made possible by the advanced P8 technology platform,” said Mike Pickens, IPT president. The achievement represents yet another major milestone for Jiaxing Petrochemical and INVISTA, following the start-up of the first PTA line in 2012.