Sanjeev Sahu from Sahu Exports unveiled Jack’s latest Semi-dry Computerised Lockstitch machine during the event

Established in 1995, Jack Sewing Machine Co., Ltd from Taizhou, China is one of the leading companies in the world involved in manufacturing and R&D of full series of lockstitch, over lock, interlock, special machines, machines for heavy-duty materials and pocket-welting machines. The company organised the Jack Gratitude Ceremony 2017 on September 2 at Hotel Radisson Blue in Noida. For this event the company invited all its distributors and customers from Noida region.

The event which was basically a private show was organised with an intention to show Jack’s acknowledgment to customers. The special guest of honor of the event was Lalit Thukral, President, Noida Apparel Export Cluster and Convenor, UP Apparel Export Promotion Council. During the event, the company presented special VIP honor to some of its prominent clients including: RK Sahu – Sahu Exports, Vivek Shegal – Rediant Export, Sumir Kumra – Pinnacle Clothing Co., Ishpreet Dua – United Exim Pvt. Ltd, Sarbjeet Singh Bedi – Basant India, Pawan Choudhary -Priya Global, Rahul Seth – Rahul Fashions (P) Ltd, Prakash Manni -Prakash Textile, Pratap Jain -Mahavir International P. Ltd and Rakesh Chopra – Fashion & Style.

Kamal from Rediant Export unveiled Jack’s latest Full Automatic Overlock Machine

The event began with a welcome address by Vishal Khemka, Proprietor, Vishal Sewtech which is the authorized dealer of Jack Sewing Machine said who thanked Jack Sewing Machine and Noida Apparel Export Cluster for supporting this event. “I really appreciate Jack Sewing Machine for their commitment towards Indian industry for nearly two decades for scrutinizing the industry here for transformation, upgrading and achieving the intelligence. I would like to thank all the garment exporters’ fraternity as it is they who make Indian garments highly competitive in world market.”

The moderator of the event was Lincoln, Sales Manager- Southern India of Jack Sewing Machine Co. Ltd., who said, “For more than two decades Jack has made significant progress, and accomplished so many missions which were impossible. We entered Indian market in 1998, so with 19 years victory and popularization, our products can be seen in every corner of the apparel industry here.”

“One of the core values of our company is gratitude. So, we are always thankful to our agents like Vishal Sewtech, with whom our co-operation originated back in 2014. We are grateful for his dedicated work to promote Jack and providing amicable service to our customers. We thank him for the service and support he has given. Beyond that we are more grateful to our customers as because of their trust, Jack sewing machine has become a reputed brand in Indian market. Our customers choosing us over others, is a proof that Jack is capable of becoming the world’s leading brand one day,” added Lincoln.

Valuable customer awards 2017 were presented to…

Sanjeev Sahu from Sahu Exports

This was followed by an interactive company presentation by Sudhakar Varma, Director- Major Accounts of India, Jack Sewing Machine Co. Ltd.“For years, our company has been upholding the purpose of brand operation and credible enterprise, and the mission of providing sewing equipment and services with best cost performance and making outstanding contributions to new sewing culture for establishing jack as a world-class sewing equipment manufacturer,” said Sudhakar.

“Currently, Jack is affiliated with German Topcut-Bullmer Co. Ltd., Taizhou Topcut-Bullmer Mechanical and Electrical Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Zobow Mechnical and Electrical Technology Co. Ltd. The 8 main product series are spreading machines, automatic cutting machine, lockstitch, overlock, interlock, special machine, automatic pocket welting machine and energysaving motors. With more than 3,000 employees, including more than 1,000 engineers and technical staff, experts with lifelong enjoyment of the state council, and senior expert from Japanese sewing machinery industry. Jack is always dedicated to innovation, and leading in product innovation and quality control, for example, the system certification such as ISO9000, ISO14000, and OHSAS18000, and CE certification,” he said.

Kamal from Rediant Export

Commenting on the companies capacity, Sudhakar said, “We are producing more than 1 lakh sets every month, supplying all over the world. Everywhere we go, we succeed because we always maintain our quality. For last six years, we are the leaders in China having more than 5,000 sub-dealers in more than 100 countries. We also have overseas offices in Bangladesh, India and Vietnam for Asian region.”

Today, Jack intelligent production line, with a total investment of $20mn, has annual output of 300,000 sets, with designed production rate of 60 seconds per set. Overlock machine assembly workshop produces overlock machines, double needle machines, multi-needle machines and interlock machines. In total 16 production lines and output 25,000 per month. It has a power saving motor workshop. This production line is in the mode of production of a flow line, including hanged motor, direct drive motor, A4 servo motor. Besides, its lockstitch plant has 27 production lines totally. There are about 6,00,000 units industrial sewing machines manufactured in lockstitch.

While speaking about the after-sales-service and the support they are giving to their distributors and customers, he said, “We are present all over the world, and have two liaison offices in India at Bangalore and New Delhi. These liaison offices are looking after both sales and after-sales-service. For New Delhi region, we have service centers in Okhla and Shastri Nagar. In addition, recently our distributor Vishal Sewtech has also opened a service center in Noida also, to be closer and easily accessible to the customers in this area.”

J P Gupta from Basant India

“Last year we conducted 50 training programmes a tour liaison offices. These training programmes were organised not only for the agents but for customers as well. Any customer who is buying 100-150 machines, and wants his technicians to be trained in Jack sewing machines, we give free training to them. We also sent 18 agent’s technicians to China for 20-25 days of training this year. On request we can also send customers technicians for training. Apart from this, every year before CISMA, we conduct a conference for our agents from all over the world, at Taizhou to present our latest offerings,” said Sudhakar.

Speaking over the Jack’s position in world market, especially in India, he said, “From almost 15.2 bn in three years’ time since we set-up our liaison office here, we have achieved 22 mn. In first seven months of 2017, we have done almost 21 mn and are going to achieve 40 mn by the end of this year.

After this interesting presentation, Bill Chen, Regional Manager of South Asia Department 1, Jack Sewing Machine Co. Ltd. spoke about their latest innovations, which were unveiled during the event. “I came to the Indian market in 2014, and within three years, Jack has become the no. one Chinese brand in this market. When compared to 2016, this year our global sales have increased by 43 per cent, wherein Indian by 63 per cent. Jack is already no. 1 in the world in machine quantity, and we aim to be world’s no.

1 brand with our innovative technologies. So, today we are launching two new innovative products Semi-dry computerized lockstitch machine and fully automatic overlock machine with voice guide. We have spent 1 mn dollar to develop the new systems, which are really unique.”

Rajesh Taneja from Indian Stitcher

The newly launched A5 – Semi-dry computerized lockstitch machine (3mm remaining thread) has German design, with special visual sense, fine made with high quality. Some of its features are: Beautiful stitch, No need to cut remaining thread: No bird nest when start sewing, end sewing remaining thread is short within 3mm, auto lockstitch avoid loose stitch, no need to cut remaining thread, saving time and cost; No oil no trouble, clean and durable: With carbonado needle bar and thread take-up lever, lubricate by solid grease keep fabric clean; sealing oil pan avoid dust get inside keep better; Coaxial driving, stable and quiet: Reduce moment of driving, sewing stable and quiet, more durable; Voice guide, Oil Alarm: Automatic alarm when oil is less or too much, avoid machine stuck or oil leakage. Also equipped with one button function and voice guide.

Besides, the other technology C4 – Full automatic overlock machine comes with voice guide, automatic voice alarm and broadcast solution, and is easy to operate. Some of its features are: Three operation model, easy to change: Full intelligent mode: Machine works automatically without foot, Semi intelligent mode: Machine works with automatic sensor, automatic presser foot lifter, automatic trimming, Computerised mode: Machine Works according to worker’s operation; The highest speed can reach 7,000 S.p.m: The efficiency of C4 is 35 per cent – 100 per cent faster than normal machine; Oil control effectively, high yield: All inclusive needle bar and oil supply system, avoid to oil leakage; One-key reset: Can choose back to user setting or factory setting.

Valuable customer awards 2017 were presented to…