For more than seven decades, AMP Pisani has been designing and manufacturing quality machinery for apparel and textile industries as well as for roll slitting applications and customised projects. AMP Pisani’s machinery is exclusively manufactured at its facility in Italy by a skilled team of mechanics, electricians and software engineers who are able to design and manufacture customized units.

T520 automatic roll slitter

Numerically controlled automatic roll slitter for rolls with max diameter 30cm (12″) and length 73″. Machine available also for larger rolls. The unit can slit most of fabric in rolls (bias or straight cut), non woven (with or without adhesive) and synthetics. With special devices machine can slit even polyethylene and PVC rolls, carbonium fibres, paper rolls, masking tapes, roofing materials, insulating tapes with foam and other materials.

Totally closed machine. Highly safe for the operator, no diffusion of cutting dust and less noise. Automatic cut with high speed positioning of the blade carriage with worms crew and brushless motor. Blade penetration speed in the roll adjustable on continuous rate with worms crew movement and brushless motor. Photocell to detect the diameter of the roll. Up to 6 cutting widths with the programmable number of cuts for each automatic cycle. Cutting speed up to 9 cuts/min. Machine can also easily be operated manually. Up to 50 different cutting cycles with all the cutting parameters can be stored and retrieved in the machine memory Adjustable blade rotation speed (up to 600 RPM) and adjustable roll rotation speed (up to 400 RPM) with digital vectorial inverter. Possibility to select the roll rotation direction. Automatic sharpening of the circular knife (both sides) with adjustable sharpening time after a programmable number of cuts. Blade speed will be set automatically to the optimal sharpening speed during sharpening. Self-centering pneumatic chuck with grippers to lock the roll on the cardboard and on its external surface. Machine standard equipped with non-rotating roll shaft. Rotating shaft and expanding rotating shaft on request available with extra cost. Pneumatic system to lift and support the roll shaft for easier loading/unloading operations. Laser system to measure the blade diameter with automatic adjustment of stop position near the roll shaft. No knob to adjust the forward travel end of the blade carriage. Automatic positioning of the blade at the edge of the roll and automatic return of the blade to the initial position of the automatic cycle PLC controlled machine with HMI Interface.

P92 Molding machine for bra cups in fabric

The machine P92 is a flexible unit with two molds than can mold different types of materials (cotton, elastomeric fabrics, micro fibres, multi-layer fabrics) including pre-cut pieces (i.e cups with the shape to be sewn on the bra, no need of die cutting after molding) and in some cases even the finished garment (post-molding).

  • The machine consists of two molding areas where the pieces are loaded/unloaded on a cold disk that can be changed depending on the size.
  • The operator positions the pieces on the loading/ unloading stations then starts the molding cycle and waits until they are molded.
  • The molding cycle consists of the descent from the top of a heated bell to keep uniform the temperature around the fabric and then a heated mold moves upwards for molding the cup. This exclusive system reduces the molding time even to 25 sec or less. Once the cycle is finished, the operator removes the molded cups and positions the new material. A simple adjustment enables the position of the mold in the heated bell to get the requested height of the cup.
  • All setting of temperature (up to 250 °C) and times are adjustable with digital timers and thermoregulatory. Machine equipped with PLC.