Established in the year 2000 in Zhuji City, Zhejiang Province, China Zhuji Maya Electric Appliance Machinery Co., Ltd is an enterprise specialised in producing computerised embroidery machines with annual output of more than 4,500 sets high quality machines. Having advanced equipment for craft and inspection as well as excellent work teams the company commits itself to implement the Total Quality control system, introduce new conception of international standard management, and continuously improve the quality of our products. Its machines are conforming to International Quality Management System Requirement and European CE. In the year 2016 MAYA also started another High standard elite workshop with state-of-the-art assembling line with experts technicians for new innovations and export orders. It is also starting a new factory, covering an area of 1,30,000 sqr. mtr, which is expected to be put into use at the end of 2017. Here it is planning a super multi-head embroidery machine assembly production line with an annual output of 2,000 sets machines.

Over the past decade, the company established several representative offices and service centers in many countries such as South Korea, Dubai UAE, Turkey, Egypt, Algeria, India, Pakistan, Indonesia, Vietnam, and so on. Today, Maya has become one of the largest manufacturers of embroidery machines in Asian region. In fact Maya’s share in the Indian market has grown very fast in last nine years. Now they are one of the leading suppliers of embroidery machines in India.

“Maya is one of the leading and largest embroidery machine manufacturers in China. We have complete production line technology as well as manufacturing experience, and working towards fastest growth in embroidery machine sector. Currently, our company’s annual output is around 4,500 sets of embroidery machines. If counted by head numbers it will be around 140,000 heads. Out of this, around 40 per cent is consumed by Chinese local market, rest 60 per cent is exported overseas,” said Yuan, Chairman, Zhuji Maya Electric Appliance Machinery Co., Ltd. while speaking exclusively to Apparel Views Editor Arvind Kumar.

Currently, the company has more than 500 experienced staff and engineering team. Out of these around 80 people are committed to R&D and continuous improvements departments. “We have a strong R&D and quality control team. We have well planned high standard assembly, checking and inspection procedure. We choose our spare parts suppliers very carefully. For this, we first put their spare parts on test and only after thorough checking we give them the orders,” said Yuan.

The company manufactures almost all types of embroidery machines which are popular in the market. This include: Flat embroidery machine, sequin embroidery machine, high speed embroidery machine, single head & multi head cap tubular embroidery machine, chenille/chain embroidery machine, cording/ taping embroidery machine, mixed head multi-function embroidery machine, rhinestone hot-fix mixed embroidery machine, multi heads schiffli embroidery machine, laser cutting mixed embroidery machine etc.

While speaking over share of markets mainly catered by Maya, Yuan said, “Our major share is in Chinese local market and the Indian market as they almost take 60 per cent of our total sales. Apart from these Arabic markets like UAE, Egypt, Morocco, Algeria, Saudi Arabia take another 15 per cent share. Some Muslim countries like Pakistan, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Turkey take another 15 per cent and remaining markets including Korea, Vietnam, Burma, Cambodia, Thailand, South America, North America, Africa, Europe all together, take around 10 per cent share.”

In India, we are working with Unix Stitch Machines for Western and Northern regions, Diana Impex for Eastern region and Sairag International for Southern India markets. Besides, Signature is also our agent for Surat market. When asked about support given to agents he said, “Between our factory and agents, we have created an instant communication and understanding platform for service and technological improvements. Our Chinese technicians regularly visit the agent and visit end customers. The manufacturing process for our core technology at our factory is transparent and open for agents’ technicians. Every year, our agent sends their technicians to factory in China for training and sharing experiences about the Indian market for further improvements and new developments. We also provide the spare part backup and ensure fastest replacement. We have very good relations with all our agents and work like one family.”

Commenting on the company’s business in India last year he said, “The market in India is booming. It is expected to be the biggest in this segment due to its traditional clothing fashion, development potential and population. Indian market will be the fastest and largest economy in the coming 25 years. Currently, sales wise it is going good for us. Market all over especially in New Delhi and Surat are developing at a good pace. Overall market was little slow post GST, but Kolkata is much more affected due to this. However, GST is good for us and for the customers in long run.

According to me, embroidery machine business will keep on increasing in the next few years. “As you can see, embroidery has played a very important role in textile sector. No matter, whether the application is on traditional saree, home textile and readymade apparels. In the next few years, India will become the largest and fastest developing country as due to its huge domestic market. It will also be one of the most important and biggest garments exports markets in future,” said Yuan.

When asked after next few years where does Maya sees itself in this business, Liu Guo Ping, General Sales Manager International Trade Manager, Zhuji Maya Electric Appliance Machinery Co., Ltd said, “Our company is focusing on to become one of the best and largest embroidery machine manufacturers in the world. In terms of business, overall it is going very good for Maya. The market is shifting from normal basic machines to high-speed big machines (more number of heads) with more value additions. This year, we are aiming to make our turnover double when compared to 2016-17. In first seven months of the year only, we have touched production equivalent to last one year’s production. We have increased our production and giving faster shipments so that our agents could deliver those on time. We hope that market grows around 20 per cent every year. Looking at such encouraging scenario, we have started a new factory, covering an area of 40,000 sqr. mtr, which is expected to be put into use at the end of 2017. Here we plan to introduce four CNC machining centres, and to respectively build many high-end rack production lines and the super multi-head embroidery machine assembly production line with an annual output of 2,000 sets machines. Besides, we will also launch many new machines in forthcoming CISMA exhibition, where one of the attractions will be high speed machine of 1500 rpm”.

Meanwhile, the company is also working on the Maya Smart Manufacturing and Entrepreneurship Park, which is a key project of Zhejiang Province. It is located in Zhejiang embroidery machine industry base, and covers an area of 100,000 sqr. mtr. The company plans to invest RMB 300 mn in phase to build embroidery machine smart manufacturing centre, high-end embroidery machine research and development centre, embroidery machine parts research and development centre, and the whole machine experiment and test centre, professionally carrying out the integrated research and development of smart embroidery machine, control software, plate-making software and high-end accessories.