Yoga guru Baba Ramdev’s company Patanjali Ayurved Limited will be soon venturing into textile manufacturing. Patanjali will make everything from underwear to ethnic and sportswear breaking the stronghold of foreign manufacturers, Baba Ramdev said during the inauguration of Patanjali Gramodhyog in Alwar.

Ramdev claimed that this is being done to break the monopoly of the foreign companies in the sector. Ramdev, who was confident of repeating the success of his upcoming textile production as he did in Ayurveda products said that the Swadeshi clothing line is made up of Swadeshi material (indigenous) to promote economic prosperity in the country. This textile unit of Patanjali will give a direct competition to foreign manufacturers making huge profits.

Ramdev’s close aide S K Tijarawala informed that Patanjali will be launching its line of ‘Swadeshi’ apparel, with an initial sales target of Rs. 5,000 cr. Through this new venture, the company aims to bring a good quality of clothes to the masses, including knitwear and denim, aiming to make clothing affordable. Baba Ramdev aims to make Indian people get rid of foreign products and shift to ‘Swadeshi’ (Made in India), manufactured goods by Patanjali. However, the time frame of launch nor the brand name of the textile unit is yet to be revealed.