Greater energy and creativity in children’s fashion and lifestyle collections: The attendance levels recorded are very optimistic. The numbers of foreign buyers are up, with positive performances from Russia, China, The Netherlands, Belgium, Ukraine. While there is a slight decrease for the Italians.

Positive feedbacks for international junior fashion have been recorded at the Fortezza da Basso at Pitti Immagine Bimbo no.85: All the most important international buyers in childrenswear met in Florence, curious to discover the new collections presented by the 548 international brands present at the fair.

The attendance figures recorded a slight and positive increase of the foreign buyers, with very positive performances from markets such as Russia (+16 per cent), China (+45 per cent), Netherlands (+25 per cent), Ukraine (+24 per cent), Austria (+22 per cent), Germany, Brazil, Portugal and Middle East countries while there is a slight decrease for the Italians.In total, the attendance figures recorded more than 5,300 registered buyers, slightly less than last year figures, with 10,000 visitors in total.

Russia (207 buyer) recorded to the head of the fair’s top 20 key markets, followed by China (181), Spain (155 buyer), Germany (154), Netherlands (107), UK (106), France(94), Ukraine (83), Belgium (72), Turckey (67), Greece (54), Poland (49), Austria (43), USA (40), Libanon (37), Japan (36), Brazil (34), Portugal (33), UAE (32) and Switzerland (28).

548 collections (versus 498 at the previous summer edition), 327 of which from abroad (55 per cent of the total), and over 5,600 buyers, making a total of over 10,000 visitors at the last summer edition: These are the figures for Pitti Immagine Bimbo. Scheduled to be held from 22 to 24 June 2017 at the Fortezza da Basso in Florence, Pitti Bimbo is the most important international fair dedicated to children’s fashion and lifestyles, an extraordinary platform for trends, business and communication. Sensitive to recording the latest market demands, Pitti Bimbo focuses on research and across-the-board proposals, building its itinerary thorough different worlds that are both autonomous and synergic: An increasingly complete panorama created for the best concept stores in the world. From the atelier luxury of the collections in Apartment to the mixture of research and experimentation of KidzFIZZ, alongside the two new exhibition projects launched by the fair: Fancy Room, with its lifestyle brands characterized by a pop design spirit and The Nest, with its selection of small independent and “up-and-coming” brands from all over the world. Plus, the new Pitti Bimbo Editorials which astounded, as usual, with their experimental, curious and special objects – a rich source of ideas and inspiration. All this next to the big brands and most prestigious kidswear companies, from the names that have made ecology their distinctive feature (Ecoethic) to the ever-expanding microcosms such as the sportswear of Sport Generation and the myriad street inflections of SuperStreet.

The Special Guest is Dolce & Gabbana

Dolce & Gabbana celebrates its Pitti Bimbo debut with a special installation opposite the Main Pavilion of the Fortezza da Basso. Style in blossom is the theme of S/S 2018. For the occasion, Dolce & Gabbana created a market filled with all kinds of flowers, in a galaxy of colours. Dolce & Gabbana’s first visit to Pitti Bimbo was also celebrated by the special presence of the now famous #DGCloni: The cartoon shapes of Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana which greeted visitors with their friendly irony.

Boom, Pitti Blooms the theme of the summer fairs

The vital energy and surprising beauty of flowers inspires Boom, Pitti Blooms, the theme of the Pitti Immagine summer fairs. Flowers that blossom like new creative ideas: Improbable, effervescent, ironic. Often in the form of macro flower sails or flying bouquets. A fantastic world of original patterns and chromatic contrasts on façades, spaces, objects. Layout and creative direction by lifestyler Sergio Colantuoni.

Pitti Immagine Loves Mini.Mini Moves Pitti Immagine

Passion, innovation, creative research. The expression of the creative partnership between Pitti Immagine and MINI, two worlds that share values and objectives always linked to a contemporary lifestyle approach. Once again, this year MINI renewed its collaboration with Pitti Bimbo 85, ready to associate itself with the fair’s vision and draw inspiration from its privileged take on the latest trends in style for the youngest set.

Fancy Room and its 360° lifestyle

Fancy Room was the space dedicated to children’s lifestyles: From design to small accessories, from gadgets to technology, the winner is always creativity. Located on the Lower Level of the Main Pavilion, this was an entertaining island-space where it is possible to find a series of special products. Accessories, eyewear, furnishing items, games, pocket technology, useful and useless objects ready to make their debut in concept stores all over the world. Among the new names: 03 Zerotre, Bambam, Bamboom, Charlie Banana, GildeScarti e Mestieri, Happy Horse, Inglesina, Izipizi, Jellycat, Milk&Friends, Noodoll, Watchitude.

The Nest: The success of the area dedicated to small independent brands from all over the world

Launched last January, The Nest is the project dedicated to creative research in kidswear on the Lower Level of the Main Pavilion which immediately received very positive feedback. An exclusive selection of small independent brands and “up-and-coming” companies selected in collaboration with Little Popup, the Berlin concept lab. Among the new names at this edition were: Aamcevoykidswear, Kiboro, Kokori, Mimi & Lula, Once, Plume, Unsigned.

KidzFizz, Pitti Bimbo’s creative laboratory becomes more established

KidzFIZZwas the area that brought together the most creative collections by brands that experiment with shapes, materials and presentation styles: A proposal dedicated to a more evolved international public. KidzFIZZ focuses on research, creative exploration, the contaminations between fashion and design and the central role played by accessories. Staged in the Medici Pavilion and in the Archivi with a layout curated by Storage Associati, KidzFIZZ is the fair’s concept lab. The new names include: Cavalier, Cocolico, Dinui, iglo+indi, Indikidual, Mini Rodini, Petit by SofieSchnoor, Picnik, Sissonne, Tuchinda, Zebra I can see, and Zoocchini.KIDZFIZZ also featuredLet’s Go and unduetrestella DESIGN WEEK, the exhibition project from unduetrestella – an art, design and food project for kids, based in Milan, the brainchild of Paola Noé – with a precious selection of design brands linked to the lifestyle universe of children.

Apartment: The world of luxury collections at the Lyceum

At Pitti Bimbo the protagonist was once again an Apartment, the project dedicated to luxury collections for children’s fashions. Sartorial care and precious details for a unique section that contained a sophisticated grouping of international clothing and accessory collections aimed at buyers from the most exclusive boutiques. The new names include: Little Creative Factory, Amelieet Sophie, Nikolia and Tambere.

Kid’s Evolution, from fashion “for adults” to capsule collections for kids

Kid’s Evolution was the project by Alessandro Enriquez in collaboration with Pitti Immagine aimed at a super sophisticated audience of buyers, including the world’s most important department stores. Pitti Bimbo showcased a selection of designers involved in fashion research for “adults” who tried their hand at a capsule collection for kids. On the Lower Level of the Main Pavilion, a 360° project that has already intercepted the needs of top international retailers that have successfully tested and supported the project, including Luisaviaroma,, Harvey Nichols and Rinascente Milano. The names at this edition: Cor Sine, Little Shilpa, Riccardo Comi, The Dots, Bad Deal, Kids Loves Dogs. For this season, the designers created a special capsule collection inspired by SpongeBob Gold.

Fashion Comics: A selection of children’s fashion brands inspired by the Care Bears

This time Fashion Comics, the project which is the brainchild of Alessandro Enriquez and realised in collaboration with Pitti Bimbo, stared the Care Bears who celebrated their 35th birthday. A selection of brands produced garments featuring the famous characters which become the subject of a capsule .

The Pitti Bimbo section: Designer labels and the big children’s fashion brands

A journey through big brand fashions, luxury clothing for infants, kids and teens: International level brands which present their collections complete with accessories and projects for retailers. The Main Pavilion and the other areas of Pitti Bimbo featured a rich selection of proposals distributed according to a new exhibition game, with an eye on the trends of “adult” fashion. The new names, returns and brands worth mentioning include: Giuseppe Junior, I PincoPallino, Manila Grace, MarcoBologna, Neil Barrett, Stella Jean, Richmond Kids and N.21

EcoEthic presents the Green Generation

EcoEthicis the section dedicated to green issues: The best brands that make sustainable fashion part of their signature. These companies, from all over the world, use organic and biological materials that are produced with respect for nature and in a chain that protects local manufacturing and small communities while helping to save our planet. The new names: Barn of Monkeys, Cromatina®, Håndværkskunst, Little Green Radicals, and Moriko Organic.

Sport Generation: In sight of the big leap

Sport Generation, the planet that hosts the big names in sportswear and activewear, is broadening its horizons and preparing itself for a more extended dimension. The focus is on leisure clothing, in this space where the protagonists are the most important international names in childrenswear and collections for kids. The new names include: Bensimon, Les Coyotes de Paris, La Martina, Levi’s Kid, Noeser, Platypus Australia Uv Swimwear, Tommy Hilfiger, Sergio Tacchini, Snapper Rock Swim Wear, and White Sand.

The fundamental role of buyers at Pitti Bimbo and Pitti Immagine’s investment

The participation of the best Italian and international buyers is the key to Pitti Bimbo’s commercial success, attesting to the quality of the proposals, its capacity for constant renewal, the attentive segmentation as well as the ongoing commitment to discovering new brands. At the same time at every edition Pitti Immagine increases its investment in its program dedicated to incoming delegations of top buyers, also thanks to the contribution of MiSE and the ICE Agency. At this edition, focus was on the Russian market, on important delegations of buyers from Asia (Hong Kong, China and South Korea), from United States and Europe (France, Germany, Spain, Belgium, United Kingdom and Scandinavia), paying particular attention to online stores dedicated to childrenswear. Here are just some of the fair’s top buyers: From Italy Luisaviaroma, La Rinascente, PupiSolari and Tessabit; from United Kingdom Harrods, Liberty, Selfridges, Childrensalon, Fenwick, Childsplay and Step2wo; from France Le Bon Marché, Printemps, Galeries Lafayette and Smallable; from Germany Loden Frey, Peek & Cloppenburg, Barbara Fréres, Engelhorn, Korbmayer and Breuninger; from Switzerland Bongenie and Jelmoli; from USA Barneys, Bergdorf Goodman, Neiman Marcus and Shan & Toad; from Russia BoscodeiCiliegi, Tsum/Mercury and Daniel Boutique; from Spain El Corte Inglés; from Japan Isetan Mitsukoshi, Takashimaya and Ships; from Saudi Arabia Al Garawi, Harvey Nichols Riyadh and Rubaiyat; from United Arab Emirates Chalhoub, Lollypop and Sauce; from Turkey Beymen and Demsa group; from Hong Kong Harvey Nichols Hong Kong; from South Korea Shinsegae and Hyundai; from Netherlands Azzurro Fashion Group; from Kazakhstan Saks Fifth Avenue Almaty; from Taiwan Kid’s Will; from Lebanon Aishti; from Kuwait Harvey Nichols Kuwait; from Ukraine Baby Marlen; from Singapore Kids 21; from India… and many more.

Roberto Cavalli Junior presents the popup space “Baroque Leopard” and a special event

With its Baroque Leopard popup space, Roberto Cavalli is relaunching Roberto Cavalli Junior at Pitti Bimbo 85. Established in 2000 to broaden the fashion label’s range, the kids’ collection is again going to be developed internally and distributed directly by the Maison. The brand’s sparkling and glamorous world is offered in a kids’ version. It’s a world dominated by colours, floral prints and the iconic animal graphics such as leopard, tiger and giraffe prints.On 23rd June the entire SS18 collection was presented at an exclusive event to be held at the SerreTorrigiani.

Children’s Fashion from Spain S/S 2018

With the sun on the horizon, Spanish children’s fashion brands begin their road trip with the Spring/Summer 2018 collection. Along this trip, miles of fashion to drive through the trends that inspires a desert and dusty landscapes with abandoned gas stations. The whole range of earthy shades together with the red rocky, pink and yellow of the canyons create a palette of warm colours, refreshed by green cactus tones, the grayish white clouds and the blue of an infinite sky. A retro traffic sign reminds us that we are on the historic Route 66. In the Southwestern domains, denim sets itself as the fabric of the season. The dust of the desert gives it a washed look that also contaminates other

The Easy Rider soundtrack accompanies the ride of a small group of motorcyclists dressed with open checked shirts on printed T-shirts. Within a few steps, the girls live their adventure in a Thelma & Louise mood. The border is close and makes its influence with more chic country details, such as laces, embroidery, and uncovered shoulders. Cactus multiply in prints with flowers and images of the famous Beep Beep cartoon character. The long journey through this fashion road leads to a destination of freedom, where every stop is a reaffirmation of style and personality.

Fun & Fun E She.Ver

The Fun & Fun collection had a look to match every occasion. Comfortable and up-to-date styles match up for practical outfits that maintain an attitude, from the formal wear to the casual outfits. There is an emphasis on the fabrics, such as the printed gabardine, the linen with woven motifs, denim and jersey, which are made special through their contrasting colours and innovative processing. The all-over patterns range from various tones of blue to beige.

The collection She.Ver is a depiction of a bygone age, of a hidden and secret garden brought back to its former glory by the children who find a place of carefree joy within it. It’s a collection with modern cuts and shapes designed for the girls of today, who are bold yet maintain the innocence and purity of childhood.

The lifestyle universe of little star brand group unveils

The Little Star Brands Group – which beyond I PincoPallino, boasts an array of private labels and licensed brands within its portfolio and is one of the market leaders with over 1,000 DOS and franchise stores in China – debuts at Pitti Bimbo 85 as a Group. For the first time at the Fortezza da Basso, the Group debut with a booth and a special fashion show presented the I PincoPallino’s SS 2018 collection, as well as numerous other product initiatives on behalf of Little Star Brands Group.