Established in the year 2007, Rajdhani Creations Pvt. Ltd., is engaged in rendering services for digital printing of fabrics and have the expertise to electronically create an exact reproduction of the most complexed original artwork under the guidance of Ved Saraogi (Chairman), and Shashank Saraogi (Managing Director), of Rajdhani Creations Pvt. Ltd. & Code of Designs Pvt. Ltd. (Sister concern of Rajdhani Creations Private Limited). The company has occupied a commendable position in the market of reactive as well as sublimation prints.


The organisation is well-equipped with the latest digital fabric print technology and state-of the-art and has the complete facilities, under one roof, to cater to any digital printing requirement. The designers and textile experts of the company works round the clock, in close coordination with the clients, to ensure excellent services, to its esteemed clients at all times.

In the year 2016, Rajdhani Creations decided to increase its production capacity, to meet the exporters’ requirement of 90,000 mtr within one month, as in the previous scenario it was difficult to achieve this target in such a short duration of time. Therefore, the company decided to install the latest and updated printing machines, which helps it to meet the increased market demand, early delivery of work orders.

“To increase the production capacity we came into the contact of Dr. Verma, Managing Director of Durst Image Technology India Pvt. Ltd., and found him quite assuring and a person of word. We got entire support, technical as well as of raw material, in procurement, installation, smooth running and after-sale-services. Durst machine with a printing capacity of 5,000 mtr per day, which is first of its kind, was installed at our factory premises in Gurugram, Haryana,” said Ved Saraogi, Chairman, Rajdhani Creations (P) Ltd. & Code of Designs (P) Ltd.

Durst is the world-leading manufacturer of advanced digital production technologies. Also Durst is the first choice and a preferred partner in transformation and digitization of industrial production processes. Durst has a history of 80 years, where the values are focused on innovation, customer orientation, sustainability and quality.

In India, Rajdhani Creations (P) Ltd. Gurgaon unit will be the official demo center of Durst Image Technology India Pvt. Ltd. While speaking over the same, Dr. Rajiv Verma, CEO of Durst Image Technology India said, “Last year we started our association with Rajdhani Creations Pvt. Ltd. & Code of Designs Pvt. Ltd. by installing our Rhotex 180TR, and Alpha190 Reactive Machines at their plant, with an agreement, that we will use their factory premises for demonstration of Drust Machine as well as development of technical aspects for the marketing which will be more convenient to our customers. Till now the response has been very good as many of our customers have started visiting the premises to see the machines. In fact, after this set-up we have already installed two machines in Manesar, and two machines are going to be installed in Surat and Ahmedabad. The plant in Surat will also be used as Durst’s demo center.”

When commenting on the high speed machines not being much popular among Indian customers, he said, “Earlier people were little hesitant about going for high speed machines as they were mainly going for mid segment machines, and it takes some time for customers to accept such fast technologies. I feel they are still scared and not very confident on the high speed machinery. Their main concern is in case of crushing of machine heads, high cost of heads and other raw material issues make them very uncomfortable; moreover they always try to compare digital with rotary printing. They don’t see the convenience in digital printing that one can do small lots very fast, changeover the designs very quickly and can go for on time deliveries. Of course digital printing machines are eco-friendly technologies, which is the need of the hour. Our target is to bring this machine into main stream with customers. For this they can also try and run their samples at the demo center, which is now within their reach.”

When asked about their experience of using Durst technology, Rajdhani Creations (P) Ltd.’s Managing Director, Shashank Saraogi said, “After using Durst machines for more than one-and-a-half years, we have found that the machines satisfactory as performances were very good.”

Speaking over the future of digital printing market, he said, “Digital printing is going to grow 110 per cent in future. It is an absolutely green technology, the ink that it uses has no chemicals so even washing and other things we are doing are minimal as compared to block printing or screen printing. There are lots of restrictions coming up on these units like ETP, sampling cost being very high etc. Besides, when an exporter makes catalogue for their customers using screen printing methods or somewhere else, it costs them very high. But it becomes easier with a digital printing machine in an eco-friendly way within a very short span of time. In fact our company has plans to go for bigger size machines in future as presently we can print up to 76 inches only and want to go for larger width machines for catering the growing demand of home textiles segment.”