More than 75 per cent of the fashion brands in UK offer free returns, according to the report of ReBound, e-commerce returns management. It was found that a large number of brands are now upping their game and taking steps to improve customer experience by providing effective returns messages – rather than making returns seem difficult for their customers.

‘The Great Returns Race’ is a series of quarterly reports which focuses on the return policies of the UK’s top fashion brands. It has studied over 200 clothing brands on their returns proposition, enabling retailers to see how they fare against their competitors. It also includes UK returns policies as well as international. The report provides the wider retail market with unique insight into which top fashion, sportswear, lingerie, beauty and footwear retailers offer a wow-factor returns policy. According to the report, 67 per cent of the online shoppers check the returns policy before they checkout. This shows that the returns have high influence on purchase decisions.

“Following on from the success, popularity and demand of the 2016 quarterly reports, we’re thrilled to officially unveil the first edition of 2017. Returns have long been perceived as a headache for brands rather than an opportunity to really impress their customers, build trust and loyalty, and subsequently encourage repeat purchases and growth overseas. This report shows exactly which brands are making the most of this opportunity and exactly how they’re doing it,” Graham Best, CEO of ReBound, said.