In an attempt to revive the handloom and handicraft sectors of Jammu and Kashmir, a request has been made to the State Government by the handloom and handicraft development corporations of the State. Concerns have been raised over the falling business of handicraft and handloom sectors, causing distress to the local artisans and workers.

There has been a drop in the sales of handicrafts and handloom items of Jammu and Kashmir in the country, said NizamudinBhat Vice Chairperson for handloom and handicraft development corporations. During the review conducted by corporations, it was found that the marketing of handloom and handicraft items is very poor in the State, national and international markets, according to a report.

Bhat has urged the government for financial assistance and essential resources to improve the existing condition of workers. “Not only the corporations but the artisans, weavers and other related craftsmen and workers were left wanting in support and incentives,” he said. It has become difficult for the State to compete in the market owing to lower production of the textile items, stated Bhat. Low production is affecting the employment rate in the state which has a negative effect on the economy.