AMF Reece CR, s.r.o. is a world-wide manufacture of specialty industrial sewing machines such as mechanical and electronic eyelet buttonhole machines, chainstitch machines, decorative handstitching machines, button stitching and wrapping machines, autojig machines and trouser sewing units including pocket welting machines.

ES-505 Angel Indexer – Electronic eyelet buttonhole machine

Excellent traditional buttonhole quality and terrific productivity now completed with an indexing unit capable of angle buttonhole sewing, especially suitable for real sleeve buttonhole sewing. The ES- 505 Indexer machine is specially designed for sewing multiple buttonholes on jacket sleeves and jeans fly fronts at required distances between each buttonhole. The indexer unit ensures that buttonholes are sewn automatically one after another at required lengths distances that are set by the operator on the touch screen display. The new angle model allows sewing of slanted buttonholes with angle up to 45 degrees. Structural design of the indexer unit, placed behind the clamp feet, ensures easy access to the looper is if needed. The indexer unit does not need to be disassembled when taking off the clamp plates for easy maintenance.

  • Currently the fastest machine available, running at 2,700 spm
  • New modular design of the sewing head with integrated sewing motor
  • New patented balancing and sewing drive mechanism
  • Incorporated round LED lights
  • No need of mechanical adjustments when changing the stitch bite
  • New vertical cutting system instead of standard lever cutting
  • Independent thread tension of all threads
  • High resolution full-colour touch screen display
  • Pneumatic system controls
  • 6 buttonhole combinations in 50 programmes

RA-3700 Ultrasonic ribbon loop attacher

The AMF Reece RA-3700 is the most productive automation of attaching ribbon loops on garments. The continuous form satin ribbon is cut, folded, and sewn on the garment in an automatic sequence generating cost savings while ensuring consistent quality.

  • Selection of loop length from control panel
  • Ultrasonic cutting eliminating stains and dark spots
  • Electronic detection and warning of splice and joints
  • Step motor driven loop measurement system for accurate length sizing
  • Direct drive sewing head
  • Touchscreen control panel

TH-5500 Automatic bottom hemming machine

Automatic bottom hemmer unit provides an overlapping method increasing productivity while ensuring accurately sewn hems without operator interference. It is ideal for use on jeans, casual trousers and skirts.

TH-5500 benefits:

  • Accurate start and finish of sewing in relation to side and felled seams by photocell provides exact positioning of hem joint
  • It is up to 3 times more productive compared to traditional methods
  • It eliminates twisted legs or ropy hems
  • Overlapping of hem joint start and finish seam can be programmed from control panel
  • No more puckered hem stitches especially after washing
  • The machine features easy adjustment of hem folding width from single knob, independently servo driven top and bottom pullers ensuring pucker-free sewing on all types of fabric, patented hem guide system ensuring consistent hem width, independent dual presser foot system providing optimum fabric holding and consistent seam allowance, adjustable stitch length from control panel, direct-drive servo sewing head for best results on heavy fabrics, individual right and left hem programming from coloured touchscreen control panel, self compensating right fabric tension mechanism, individual pressure adjustment for fabric tensioners, easy adjustment of fabric huide for different hem diameters, extra large hook (3 times larger than standard).