SPGPrints strengthens its commitment to the textile printing industry by doubling the size of its digital ink production facility at its Boxmeer, Netherlands, headquarters for the second time in two years. Scheduled to open in the final quarter of 2017, the expanded 1,000m2 production facility is part of an $8 mn capital investment programme. This will also include the building of the new Experience Center, dedicated to driving innovation in digital textile printing. A global leader in the production of digital textile printing systems, the company manufactures reactive, acid, disperse and sublimation inks for use with digital inkjet printers, covering the full range of textile applications.

The expanded facility is in close proximity to both SPGPrints’ research and development laboratories, and the corporate headquarters so that communication chains are short and decisions can be made quickly. When the facility is completed, at least ten newpositions per shift will be created, providing an employment boost for the local economy.

The investment in the ink plant expansion is another step towards SPGPrints’ goal of making digital the mainstream printing technology for textile applications. For more than 30 years, the company has, through its innovation, led the textile industry in digital technologies, and is poised to continue that commitment. SPGPrints’ subsidiary company, Veco BV, of Eerbeek, Netherlands, develops precision metal parts for a wide range of markets, including the design and production of nozzle plates for inkjet print heads. The synergy enabled by the relationships with the major suppliers for print heads in the textile market means that inks and print heads can be designed to work optimally, and deliver the best technologies to the customer.

“The combination of research and development, print head expertise, close relations with print head suppliers, and our ink manufacturin gcapability gives SPG Prints a unique position in the textile market,” said Jos Notermans, Commercial Manager digital textiles at SPGPrints. “The increase in the volume of our ink production means that we will continue to be able to serve the expanding digital textile printing market that we have helped to build over the last three decades. “The global retail markets are now in a position to take advantage of the benefits of digital printing as it moves into the main stream as a production method,” he said. “SPGPrints will ensure that printers and inks are available to allow our customers to ride the digital wave.”

SPGP rints’ new digital ink production facility under construction at the company’s headquarters in Boxmeer, The Netherlands. SPGPrints is a global leading company in the textile, label and industrial printing markets. It provides total system solutions, with a portfolio including screens, lacquers, inks, digital engravers, and a broad range of rotary screen and digital printing systems. The company has applied its electroforming expertise to developing both highly reliable rotary screen technology and an extensive programme of precision metal products.