Splash Fashions, a global leader for fast-fashion retail will be launching anti-bacterial garments powered by N9 Pure SilverTM at all outlets across the Middle East. The technology aims to enable garments to fight against odour causing bacteria. Owing to the fact of a growing hygiene quotient in consumer perspectives, Splash Fashions looks to inject this technology through their range of lounge wear, men’s inner wear and socks.

Speaking on Splash’s association with N9 Pure Silver Raza Beig, Director, Landmark Group & CEO, Splash, ICONIC & Landmark International, said, “Bacteria on garments can no longer be ignored by consumers and brands. This thought in itself has created the demand for smarter garments and being at the forefront of giving our customer the best, we have brought this unique feature to the Middle Eastern market and chose to partner with N9 Pure Silver which is a globally recognised anti-bacterial technology.”

N9 Pure SilverTM, is a revolutionary Silver based Anti-bacterial technology that acts by controlling the growth of odour-causing bacteria on garments, making sure wearers stay fresh and productive all day. N9 Pure SilverTM is sustainable, non-leaching, zero VOC and has low Silver loading properties that makes this technology the ideal solution for garment treatments. The technology is compatible with multiple substrates and processes, and provides long-lasting freshness and malodor control.

Textile materials do not have any inherent antimicrobial properties. The natural properties of textile fibres provide room for the growth of microorganisms due to sweat. Humid and warm environments further aggravate the problem. Staining and the loss of performance of textile substrates is a result of microbial attack. The N9 Pure SilverTM finish is applied to textiles with the intention to protect the wearer from malodor and the textile substrate from degradation. The potential presented by N9 Pure SilverTM is immense. From articles of daily use, such as clothing, and bed linen, to food packaging and hair care – the opportunities are vast, making it an ideal solution for several industries. N9 Pure Silver™ also finds very interesting consumer applications on textiles as well as other non-textile substrates such as plastic packaging materials which can be made more hygienic. Cosmetics can be preserved and their antimicrobial properties can be enhanced. Shoes and leather articles can be made odour free and safe to touch using N9 Pure SilverTM.