Stitch Diary, an educational blog for the apparel industry by expert Mausmi Ambastha, is hosting a live webinar on 6th December’17 at 3 pm IST on the challenges of global textile & apparel sourcing.

The webinar will offer expert advice from Yamini Jain, Senior Consultant (ThreadSol), Louise Amélie Leuchtenberger, Marketing Head (FOURSOURCE) and Ashok Chhajer, Director (Krishna Lamicoat).

The webinar will offer expert insights on various factors that are shaping the global apparel and textile sourcing paradigm. Apparel and textile industry is evolving continuously, which is changing the key players in the global sourcing scenario. China and Vietnam are the major sourcing hubs for manufacturers. But what is holding other countries to progress?

Both brands and apparel and textile manufacturers face certain challenges while sourcing. This webinar will highlight those challenges, along with throwing light on the emerging geographies for sourcing for both brands and manufacturers respectively. The scope of apparel sourcing from the American/ European markets will also be canvassed.

The webinar will also include discussions about the degree of penetration of digitization and the role & limitations of the use of technology in apparel and textile sourcing.

To know and foresee the future of textile & apparel sourcing, and to register for this webinar, please click on this link: