Stitch Diary, an educational blog for the apparel industry by expert Mausmi Ambastha, is hosting a live webinar on 20th November from 3 PM IST titled “Change in business tactics for the apparel industry after GST implementation”.The webinar will offer expert advice from Navdeep Singh Sodhi, International Strategic Management Consultant (Gherzi Textil Organisation) and Anuj George Country Head India (ThreadSol).

Apparel and textile manufacturers say that the implementation of GST has brought their business to a standstill as their unregistered suppliers and customers refuse to comply with the new tax regime. On the other hand, experts say that GST will help the industry in a longer run where it will help in getting more tax payers under a well-regulated system.

Anuj George, Country Head (India) at ThreadSol says “GST has surely changed the way we look at the textile and apparel industry. Many things have changed, which gives rise to initial tension and stress within the industry. However, there are various tactics and ways by which the industry can churn the positives out of the new tax regime and combat with the changes due to GST”.

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