Teijin Polyester (Thailand) Limited (TPL), a Teijin Group subsidiary in Bangkok, Thailand that manufactures and sells polyester fibre, announced recently that it would feature of Muangthong United and Thai national team footballer Chanathip Songkrasin in the company’s first corporate advertising campaign.

The new campaign is expected to help raise awareness of the Teijin Brand and strengthen TPL’s recruitment of excellent personnel in Thailand, a key hub in Teijin’s global production operations. Advertisements featuring Chanathip on TV, billboards, online and at employment fairs will run for one year beginning May 1.

Teijin has been steadily expanding business in Thailand since establishing a local office for polyester fibers sales and import/export in 1966. Thailand is now home to seven Teijin companies and about 1,500 employees. Teijin’s most recent direct investment in Thailand was its open of a meta-aramid fibre production facility in August 2015. TPL has been sponsoring the Japan Dream Football Association (JDFA), an organisation that supports the nurture and development of young football players in Southeast Asia, since 2012.