ThreadSol- the pioneer in enterprise material management for the sewn products industry- takes pride in constantly challenging the present and being part of such a revolution. ThreadSol’s outlook is to introduce technologically driven products to drive manufacturing by targeting material cost and differentiate from the extremely competitive environment. With its innovative solutions, ThreadSol demonstrates an entire range of enterprise material management solutions, which can help apparel manufacturers save material cost and boost profits, in an industry that is heavily dependent upon economic priorities.


IntelloCut is a material planning and optimisation solution for the sewn products industry. The flagship solution of ThreadSol has been successfully deployed in 90+ factories worldwide, who plan 2.5 mn pieces every day. With the help of its advanced algorithms, IntelloCut gives the most optimised cutplan, roll plan and lay plan, in just one click. The cloud computing structure helps to access the solution from any point. It also offers a feedback system which works like GPS: Any variations on floor and the plan can be changed with a single refresh button. With over 150+ features, intelloCut is a product ahead of its time and truly defines the new age technology.

In a constant effort to improve, ThreadSol has introduced IntelloGreen: A tablet application which replaces on-floor printed layslips. The application is based on cloud computing and takes data from intelloCut, transforming business from traditional to environment friendly. The advanced reporting structure of IntelloCut provides an edge to the manufacturers to get complete control over factory’s practices through IntelloMobile: World’s first fabric utilisation reporting app. It provides 100 per cent real-time traceability of fabric, with all reports on mobile phone.


IntelloBuy is a material estimation solution for the sewn products industry. It is the second product by ThreadSol, taking the enterprise material management model of the company to the next level.

IntelloBuy gives accurate buying consumption for a particular stylewhich saves millions of dollars of material cost at the buying stage, every day, for manufacturers worldwide. intelloBuy accesses factory historical database and allows the user to add exact wastage from factory floor to generate the most accurate fabric requirement. This can save up to 10 per cent fabric cost, ultimately boosting profit.


IntelloTrace is the world’s first NFC based production management solution for the sewn product industry. This is the first tracking tool to offer the technology used by Google and Apple to the manufacturing floor.

Apart from the advanced technology, intelloTrace streamlines the factory processes and facilitates customisation as per a factory’s requirement. It administers comprehensive tracking for the entire factory and helps in better control and execution of every department. Any anomaly in the factory is notified to the users by simple mobile alerts for immediate actionable intelligence for the smooth functioning of their departments. The entire functioning of the organisation can be monitored using interactive visual reports. The reports can be viewed at all levels of production – from the bird’s eye view at the factory to the in depth view at the operator level.