A delegation from the knitwear hub of Tirupur led by Tirupur Exporters Association (TEA) visited Odisha to assess investment opportunities in setting up garment manufacturing units in the State. As the Central and State Governments provides 60 per cent subsidy on building and common facilities under the Scheme for Integrated Textile Parks (SITP), 25 per cent subsidy for new machinery, 1 cr interest free working capital loan. Also the State Government has stipulated a minimum wage 220 for an eight-hour shift and has schemes to provide employment to new workers as well.

The delegation during their tour to Odisha visited Ramdaspur, where park is being set up and observed the facilities. They visited a 300-acre parcel of land that the State’s industrial corporation has earmarked for industrial use, of which 70 acres has been allocated to the textile park. The delegation held discussion with Odisha Government officials on the possibility of making investments in a new textile park near Bhubaneswar.

TR Vijayakumar, General Secretary, Tirupur Exporters Association said that ten companies can join hands to start a textile park in Odisha State. Export units from the tiny town of Tirupur do business worth about Rs. 35,000 cr every year where more than 50,000 workers from Odisha are already employed. The delegation has analysed opportunities to set up skill training centres in government buildings and that trained workforce from Odisha can be brought to Tirupur to employ them in the units.