The Brandix Group and the Vocational Training Authority of Sri Lanka (VTA), have recently signed two Memoranda of Understanding (MoU) initiating a collaboration to set new records in developing the skills for Sri Lanka’s apparel sector. The Brandix Group is the pioneer of the concept of ‘total solutions’ in the local apparel industry in Sri Lanka. The first of these agreements facilitates the creation of an NVQ Level 5 equivalent qualification for garment technicians, the first of that level in the apparel industry, with Brandix assisting the VTA to develop the curriculum and providing training at the Brandix Academyx.

The Brandix Academy is a new initiative to unleash the technical and leadership potential of individuals through an unconventional and rigorous learning and development process to improve business outcomes with individual growth. This will be further cemented with technical support and guidance from the VTA. Additionally, holders of the nationally-accepted NVQ Level 5 qualifications may apply for a degree at the UNIVOTEC (University of Vocational Technology).

The second MoU enables Brandix to identify and employ school leavers who have received a three-month training as industrial sewing machine operators at the VTA’s island-wide network of vocational training centres. Selected trainees will undergo a further three months of training at Brandix business units, after which they will be offered a certificate equivalent to NVQ Level 3 upon completion.

According to the VTA, NVQ Level 5 status, which is equivalent to a diploma, has not been defined and made available for any of the job roles in the apparel industry in Sri Lanka. As a result, the VTA will initially develop the curriculum for garment technician positions to be on par with NVQ Level 5 as a national level initiative in line with the signed agreement. For its part, Brandix will support the authority with technical expertise and provide any other assistance required by the process.

Once the curriculum development is completed at the national level, the VTA will provide necessary technical support and guidance to deliver the training programmes via the Brandix Academy. The authority will also ensure conformity with the academic standards and quality assurance requirements set out in the skills standard of the NVQ framework, conduct the examination process, and issue certificates on par with the standards stipulated under the Tertiary and Vocational Education Commission (TVEC).

Lionel Pinto, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of VTA said, “This is a unique endeavour that fosters the public private partnership thrust between VTA and Brandix which is one of the most renowned and leading companies in the apparel sector in the country. This joint venture promotes new openings to the youth to embark on their careers in the apparel industry by way of skills training and guaranteed employment together.”