Bangladesh heading towards achieving the middleincome country status, local enterprises must find alternative path to stay competitive in the global market, the Planning Commission said.“In the unfolding industrial universe of the future, Bangladesh firms will face stark reality that competitive advantage founded on low labour cost cannot be guaranteed for all time,” a draft of the second Perspective Plan of Bangladesh (2021-2041), prepared by the Commission noted. The report also said local companies will have to focus on innovation to maintain competitive edge instead of relying on traditional advantages that have paid off so far. “Without such efforts, entrepreneurs need to be warned that the current competitive advantage in labour-intensive garment exports could be lost in (the) future,” the draft report warned. Bangladesh is scheduled to graduate to the developing country status by 2024 from the club of poorer countries. The country has also set a target to attain high income country (HIC) status by 2041. The competitive advantage is dynamic and will be evolving, it noted. Industrial workers in Bangladesh are considered least-paid compared to its competing nations in the export market. Rights activists complain that firm owners exploit labours in the country taking the advantage of overpopulation.