Chinese menswear brand FIOBOC has launched a graphene-enhanced activewear range. The company, based out of Guangzhou, says the collection comprises sweatshirts and jackets, the properties of which are improved by the integration of graphene.

Using the prized material, the company’s activewear – containing a two-dimensional carbon nano material – is expected to improve heat retention because graphene absorbs heat emitted from the body, ensuring it isn’t lost.

What’s more, graphene is said to boast a number of sustainability benefits, including the fact it can extend the lifecycle of a garment due to its impressive durability traits. Its durability will be important as a feature of activewear, which will no doubt be used for various physical activities.

“As a casual fashion menswear brand, we wanted to provide another option for customers who appreciate high-quality, thoughtfully made clothing that not only brings a comfortable wearing experience to them but also helps the environment,” said the firm’s Founder.