Coats Digital has launched FastReactFabric a fabric planning solution that connects buying and cutting operations into a single platform.

Said to reduce fabric buying and planning time by as much as 95 per cent whilst boosting profits, FastReactFabric developed the system by combining its IntelloCut and IntelloBuy technologies into one single platform, a move which streamlines communications between a company’s buying department and cutting department.

By establishing greater oversight of incoming stock and its utilisation in the manufacture of new products, customers are expected to benefit from less waste whilst optimising what’s at their disposal.
“With 70-80 per cent of fashion manufacturing outlay attributed to fabric costs, the digitisation of fabric-related processes is the most fundamental way that apparel manufacturers can make a real difference to their profits, as well as reduce the impact of fabric waste on the planet,” said Coats Digital’s managing director, Akash Shah.

The new technology will “significantly” increase fabric utilisation by automating the estimation of fabric consumption at the buying stage so that cutters are better placed to understand what’s at their disposal in the cutting room.

Broadly, Coats expects its latest system to eliminate redundant stock, provide accurate inventory data, remove bottlenecks to supply chain collaboration and establish a 360-degree feedback loop so that buyers can look to their next orders.

“We are very excited to be launching a comprehensive fabric solution that, will prove instrumental in redressing some of the financial damage suffered during the pandemic, whilst helping the apparel industry future-proof against incoming global legislation around waste and sustainability compliance, at the same time” noted Shah.

Wesley Ekman, senior sales director at Coats Digital, added: “Ultimately, our unique, new solution will deliver much greater customer value to both new and existing customers alike.

“A more streamlined production process using accurate fabric data significantly frees up warehouse and shop floor space, reduces inventory, and enables manufacturers to adapt effectively to increasing garment complexities and colourways, and we expect our new solution will prove a highly compelling proposition to companies looking for a sure-fire remedy to mitigate rising costs fast.”