Pratap, MD, Wonder Blues, Bangalore was the Guest of Honour of half day seminar based on ‘’ Garment Processing …… Green Economics ” at The Capitol Hotel ,Raj Bhavan Road ,Bangalore on 5th January , 2018..

Dr. Mahapatra ,President ,Colorant Ltd spoke about the Garment Dyeing in which he mentioned about the Garment Dyeing using new sustainable fibres like Milk Fibre, Soyabean Fibres, Bamboo Fibres and Pineapple Fibres and he also emphasised on the new ranges of Reactive Dyes launched by Colorant Ltd since last few years for Garment Dyeing which save time,energy ,water etc in dyeing of cotton garments. Dr Mahapatra also spoke about Super Critical Carbon Dye oxide ( SCo2) dyeing of polyester garments known as Waterless Dyeing and Salt free Reactive Dyeing of Cotton Garments .He gave stress on using Colorzen catioinised cotton in garments which will lead to Salt free Reactive Dyeing. He emphasized on using Colron CN and Colron SF dyes for Light/Medium shades and Colron GLX/Colron CES dyes to be used for Dark/Heavy Dark Shades. All these dyes are giving very good results all over India and abroad. The seminar was arranged by the SDC India officials and attended by Bangalore Garment and textile process house owners, designers, Brands Retailers and technicians. There was technical interaction between the audience and Colorant technical team led by Dr. Mahapatra, Venkat , Chetan Mulani & Senthil Kumar .