Winswin, established in 2013 under the Win Hanverky Group, is a Hong Kong based robotic mannequin company with its own manufacturing facilities in China. The company has a team of professional engineers who are experts in their fields: From mechanical engineering, prototyping; electronics to robotics, software and motors. It sees innovation essential in moving the world forward, which makes its dauntless research and developments indispensible.

One of the company’s breakthrough offering is i.Dummy® Revolutionary Robotic Mannequins technology. The technology was developed by the Hong Kong Poly Technic University in 2013. The project was led by Dr Allan Chan Chee-kooi, Associate Professor at PolyU’s Institute of Textiles and Clothing (ITC), with team members. Applying advanced mechatronics technology as the platform of mannequin development, Dr Allan Chan and his team members collected massive anthropometric data from worldwide population, as well as actual body scales from 3D Body Scanner, to create I.Dummy’s universal body scales and sizes. Understanding the new fitting revolution has come, Winswin acquired the technology, refined and brought it into the market. I.Dummy will assist its keenly sensitive fashion partners to fit in the new era.

It is an intelligent robotic technology that can change at a moment’s notice to adapt to almost any body type, of any size or ethnic background. It’s also changing the face of the garment industry which until now has relied on traditional fixed-size mannequins. “A single mannequin [the i.Dummy] fits all,” the company says. “Workshops or shop-floors won’t have to stock mannequins of different sizes, which often take up lots of valuable working space.” At the heart of the i.Dummy is a massive database of body sizes collected from American, European, Japanese and Chinese sources, developed by the research team composed of experts.

The implications for the garment and fashion industry are enormous. With its ability to assume any body shape in just eight seconds, i.Dummy will accelerate the process of garment design and development, allow garment factories to produce for multiple international buyers and overcome consumer reluctance to purchase clothing online. Its ability to mimic different body profiles means the i.Dummy is also an excellent educational and training tool for fashion design students. Some of its major advantages are:

  • Business managing: Use one i.Dummy for different size range from different brands. Get more business without extra costs
  • Product developing: Make sure all design details perfectly in all sizes to decrease the amount of substandard
  • Manufacturing: Fit and design quality checks for any size at anytime
  • Fitting: Revise the updated customer’s body profiles in a short time
  • Retailing: Presentation and display in the perfect sizes
  • Designing: Save different sizes for every unique haute couture design
  • Trading: Use same standard for fitting increasing the efficiency of communication among clients and vendors
  • Online shopping: Fitting in customers’ sizes when shopping online
  • Educating: Excellent tool for fashion students